Friday, March 23, 2012

A Funny Sunny Friday.

It has been a funny old day today, I had a relatively good night last night, I woke at 4.00 am this morning, Went to the bathroom and then decided that I would take my 15 mg of Methotrexate and then went back to sleep and woke again at 7.30 with the Sun streaming through my window as you can see from the Photo below. (you should all feel very privileged as not many people get invited into my bedroom. lol)
My bedroom on a Sunny friday Morning.

Chino Trousers from BHS.
So I felt pretty good for a Friday so decided to get up and have my breakfast before Amanda arrives and gets me washed and groomed, so wander into the kitchen and get some Porridge  and a coffee, well the porridge went down well so I then go and get the last Eccles Cake and have that as well, its a good job that the new Chino trousers I got from British home stores yesterday have Active elasticated waist bands.

When you think that this time last year my weight had dropped from 13.5 stone to 8.5 stone, I could not swallow solid food and I had to use a belt to keep up 34 inch waist trousers and now I am finding that I cannot get into 36 inch trousers unless they have a elasticated waist and I am now back up to 11.5 stone and almost back to eating normally.

Anyway once Amanda has been and I text and speak to Pauline I go and get dressed and then go online to check emails and facebook. next I decide to watch the recorded episode of yesterday,s "Little house on the Prairie"  and enjoy a nice coffee while I watch that.

Go Polly Go
Pauline and Gordon are in Salisbury today, Gordon has his own small cleaning firm and most of his work is in Salisbury as that is where he used to live before he met Pauline and moved down here, anyway on a Friday Pauline goes with him as he has two large houses that he does on a Friday and Pauline does the Ironing for them.
Anyway when I had a text from Pauline at about 11.30 she said that it was very warm up in Salisbury today. it is such a nice day today and the temperature in Salisbury is hitting 18⁰C. It is slightly cooler here in Portsmouth as we are on the coast with Temperatures of around 16⁰C
Salisbury Wiltshire.
I enjoyed that episode of Little house on the Prairie, but now I am going to spend 30 mins out in the back garden. when I was in Hospital last year My Neighbour Jack and his Family Next door and Chris and his family from Opposite me cleared my overgrown back garden for me and disposed of all the weeds etc, as being so ill I had not been able to maintain it, however my son has managed to keep the garden clear over last Summer and this winter but this year I want to get it sorted and bring in some Garden Urns and plant up so I am going to spend a little time each day in the nice weather keeping any weeds down, there are some Plants coming through so I need to keep them clear of weeds.
My Back Yard showing the cut back buddleia
Well I spent 30 min,s out in the back yard and now my back is aching, but I enjoyed it and the exercise hopefully did me good, but I made sure I took it slowly and did not overdo it so will now make sure i rest this afternoon, however it is now 1.00 O'clock and time for lunch and today I am having some smoked haddock in butter with a slice of bread and butter, followed by Peaches in jelly, and a nice coffee and then a film on TV I think.
This is the Premier Image of my lunch today.
Well that was a very tasty lunch and well deserved I think, however what film to watch is a different matter, I have a look at the options and choose to watch the film at 2.00 pm on Movies 24+ it is a disaster movie made in 2011 by independent film group "The Asylum"
2012 Ice age Movie made in 2011
The movie is not bad but it is a bit corny still it passes the time, it goes on until 4.00, when I will change to BBC1 for the rest of the evening as it is an evening of events for "Sport Relief" Sport Relief is a biennial charity event from Comic Relief and is held in association with BBC Sport.
I started of todays Journal with the words "It's been a funny old day" Why did I have an Eccles cake for Breakfast with my Porridge. but the funny part of today is " why is it that on the Warmest day so far this year with temperature hitting 16⁰C am I sat here with my fingers white and like block,s of ice ! "Bloody Raynaud's Phenomenon" anyway I think that as it is now 3.50 and the Movie has finished,I will get this Journal Posted, a coffee made, and get ready for an evening of Sport Relief, so until tomorrow I will say.........................

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  1. Beautiful forstyhia in the background. unbelievably mine is in bud unheard of at this time of year in Winnipeg