Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Brighter Sunday:

I Need "Coffee"
Well Well Well, was it the Horlicks or was it that I was Tired after yesterday, but last night was a good nights sleep, Changed my regime yesterday evening, no coffee after 6.00 pm, had a hot chocolate at 7.00 and a "Milky Horlicks" at 9.30. went to bed at 10.00 and slept through until 7.00 this morning so a good 8½ hours sleep, certainly feel the difference this morning, anyway it would be wrong to spoil a good thing so lazed in bed until 8.30 and then got up and took a coffee and some Porridge into the lounge.

A Misty Portsmouth Harbour Today.
The weather is nice today it is blue skies and bright Sunshine, although Pauline phoned to say she was out on Southsea common with Misty and she said that it was misty over the water and you could not see the "Isle of Wight", but I would think that the mist will soon burn off as the sun gets warmer.
At 9.30 the Carer arrives, it is Chris today I have not seen her for a few months so we have a good chat catching up on all the News, she is looking forward to next weekend as she is going of to a 1960,s weekend down in Devon, anyhow she gets me washed and groomed and then she is on her way, and I settle down with the TV and the laptop.
I do like to watch the political shows on BBC1 on a Sunday, I watch the Andrew Marr show at 9.00 and at 10.00 I watch the "Big Question" which has some controversial items and  at 11.00 I get another coffee and  watch the "Politics show" with Andrew Neil. It is an excellent Program and is very entertaining and Andrew Neil is a good presenter.

The Politics Show.

Well That was very entertaining especially the interview with Iain Duncan Smith, and as I mentioned on my Facebook wall he reminds me of Homer Simpson, However Gervase has phoned and he will be round about 2.00 to see me and we are going to take a trip to Morrisons to get a couple of bits and pieces that I want, and also a piece of fish for dinner tomorrow. So as it is now getting close to 12.30 I will get myself a Sardine Sandwich and some crisps for lunch.

Gervase arrives at about 1.50 and he loads the wheelchair into the car and we make our way to Morrisons. It is fairly busy today but we make our way around and I get a nice piece of fresh fish for tomorrow and also a nice Liver and Bacon with Mash potato ready meal. we also get a few other things that I need and gervase gets some items as well. we are in there about an hour so had a good look around and gervase seems to like it as well, anyway we get it paid for and head back home where we both sit down and have a yogurt and then at 3.30 Gervase makes his way back home and I settle down to get this Journal done and to watch a movie or two on TV.

There are two films I want to watch this afternoon and evening both of them are on Film4 The first one is the 1961 film " The Parent Trap" staring Hayley Mills This is a film I have seen before and enjoyed it very much. 
The Parent Trap

After this film ends it will be a quick dash to the Kitchen to make a coffee and then it will be time at 5.30 to watch "Ice age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs" I do love these animated films. I have seen Ice age 1&2 but not 3 so will look forward to watching this
Ice age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaur
Well this takes me up to 7.20 so a late dinner today for me good job its a ready meal today, quick and easy to prepare.
well it has been a far better day today,  The weather turned out very warm and sunny and it was nice to see Gervase and to get out for an hour or so.  

Portsmouth at 5.00 pm Today.

Anyway must remember to have the Horlicks again tonight and hopefully it will be another good nights sleep, so until tomorrow I will say Tatty bye.

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