Monday, March 19, 2012

Its all in the Game.

And another Monday dawns bright and Sunny, The one thing I enjoy is waking up and seeing the sun shinning through the window of the back door, and hearing the birds in the back garden. I was visited today by a pair of Magpies, and a couple of Blackbirds. here is a photo of the back yard but the birds had flown by the time I got the camera.
Back Garden in the morning sunshine today.
Anyway I slept well last night and woke about 7.15 this morning, laid in bed until 8.00 when I made a move into the kitchen to get a coffee and then into the lounge to watch the Morning News on TV. Another one of David Cameron,s Ideas that he is going to push through is to hand over the " Highways" to private investment which means that it will probably end up with Toll Charges for Motorway,s and Major Road routes. Its Going to be a long road ahead for the poor motorist, what with Higher fuel Tax, Higher Road Tax and Probably toll roads. What next I wonder ?

On a brighter note, the route for the olympic torch relay around the UK was announced today, it is in Portsmouth on July the 15th. There are two routes in Portsmouth on the 15th the rout is from Portsmouth Dockyard to Southsea common and then evening celebrations and on the 16th from Fratton Park ( Near where I live) to the Continental Ferry Port.

Amanda on a Skateboard ?
So that was two most interesting pieces of News on the TV this morning. anyway now waiting for Amanda to arrive, and she arrives about 8.40 and is happy that her Bike has been repaired with new Tyre,s and inner tubes, I said she should get a skateboard but I don't think she agreed with that, anyway she had a nice " Mothers day" yesterday and she soon has me washed and groomed and ready for the day ahead, so I now get some Rice Crispie,s for breakfast and then Text Pauline.

Who takes who for a walk.
Pauline phone back about 9.30 to say she is out on Southsea  Common with Misty and it is a very pleasant morning, she said that there is a nip in the air bit the sun is warm and that there is no mist over the solent and that you can see the Isle of wight, that usually means we are in foe a bright sunny dry day, so hopefully it will get a little warmer as the day goes on.

It is such a nice day that I decide to spend a short while in the back room with the door open and let some air into the house, it is pleasant sat there with the laptop and after checking my e-mails and facebook I decide to work on the family tree and get that up to date with new people I have found and also the marriages of my Niece Jodie and Nephew Arron last year and the Birth of Eliot to Grant and Tasha. anyway as I am working on that there is a knock on the front door, so I close the back door, make my way to the front door, and lo and behold we have a fresh faced door to door salesman standing there.

Oh dear I just cannot help my self so here we go again, it is funny that they always start off by saying "I am not here to sell you something" So why are they here then ?, anyway  he is here to offer me a really good opportunity, they are in the road to fit double glazing to a couple of houses and they can offer me 40% of the cost of installation if I have them replace my windows and doors. "Oh That,s a good deal I say" to this his little face lights up, "well sir" he said, "If you like I can give you a quote here and now", "Can you really" I say, "How long will it take", "Not long at all" he says, "I can give you a quote today" "all you have to do is agree and sign the paperwork" well I can,t resist this next bit. "Will it take longer than 15 minutes" I ask him. "Yes about an hour" he says is that a problem, "Yes" I say "the owners will probably be home by then", "Oh, are you not the householder then" he asks "No, I am a burglar", you have never seen anyone leave so fast, I should not do it really as they are only doing a job but it irritates me that they can see that I have double glazed windows and doors.

Muller Cherry Corner.
Well that is the excitement over for today, but the Raynaud's is playing up today in my feet, so need to get some warmer socks on and try and warm them up, anyway it is lunch time now so I will have a couple of Crisp bread today with cream cheese and followed by a Banana and also a "Muller,s Cherry Corners Yoghurt" , well that went down a treat so now for a nice cup of tea and then see what movies are on this afternoon.

well it looks like the Movie this afternoon is on Movies 24+ and is a 1999 Film starring Cate Blanchett and Jeremy Northam called "An Ideal Husband" based on the book of the same title by Oscar Wilde. It starts at 2.00 pm so that is OK. it is apparently a romantic comedy, not my usual Genre but I am seeing many different types of films since I got Sky connected.
An Ideal Husband 1999 Movie.
Well here we are at 3.00 and I cannot really get into this film so I am afraid I will have to admit defeat here and go over to the Alibi channel for "Diagnosis Murder" so all in all its been a good day today, had a bit of fun, played a few Facebook games, sent a few emails, watched some TV. and now it is time to go make a coffee and then plan out the evening.
Hotel at Gatwick Airport.
Gervase is away tonight at Gatwick with his job, so I will phone Leanne and check that she is ok Later on, at least Pauline and Gordon live in the same road if she has any problem,s. And he will be back tomorrow.

So there we are then folks another day done and dusted, tomorrow it will be off to the weekly shop with Pauline, so hope the weather keeps nice. so while I go and get the washing up done, and start sorting out what to have for dinner tonight I will say Cheerio until tomorrow.

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