Saturday, March 17, 2012

A St Patrick,s Day Saturday.

Roaches Point coastguard Cottages.
 Well here we are on another Saturday, but not any old Saturday because today is St Patrick,s Day. St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. I have added this as My Uncle Jim, Uncle Peter and Uncle Frank  and Also My Father were born in Ireland, Uncle Jim in Ballycotton. Uncle Peter ,Uncle Frank and my father in Roaches Point, My Grandfather at the time was a Coastguard in the Royal Navy.

Anyway back to the present day, not a good night last night, went to bed about 10.00 but could not sleep and was sat in bed at 2.30 am this morning on Facebook " What a life I lead " I really do not like Methotrexate Fridays" anyway eventually got off to sleep about 3.00 and slept through until about 8.00. anyway got up then and took a coffee into the lounge to await the Carer.
At 8.30 the carer arrives and it is Guy this weekend, he has a young girl with him today and she is training to be a home carer, she is just "Shadowing Guy today" anyway I tell her that I am glad she is with him as he won,t beat me today, LOL. anyway we discuss Pompey FC as usual and he gets me washed and groomed and then they are on their way to the next client.

Portsmouth at 12.00 noon today.
Once guy has left i get Some Breakfast and then text Pauline, She rings back to say all is OK so I will speak to her later. The weather is very dull, wet and cold today so will not be going out today so looks like it will be a day in today with the TV and the Laptop. The temperature is a chilly 10⁰C today and you can see what it is like here today buy the picture from the Live Webcam at Portsmouth Harbour and Gunwharf.

So Once I have been online and checked out the e-mails and Facebook i settle down with a coffee to watch a few episodes of "The Walton,s" on the True Entertainment channel.This is nice as it passes the time, and if I doze of in the armchair it does not really matter. Anyway at 12.00 I decide to get a spot of lunch and today I fancy "Baked Beans on Toast" so I go out in the Kitchen and get that done and it did go down a treat, a long time since I have had a snack like that and very tasty it was to. 

And now to do the washing Up "Bummer" well get that done and make a nice cup of tea and then it is time for the afternoon movie. The one I am watching today star,s Bette Davis and Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1986 made for TV Movie "When Summers Die

That film goes on until 3.00 when it will be time to get onto face book for a few "Facebook Games" and also maybe some family history research while I listen to the Radio to the Pompey Match. Portsmouth are Playing Bristol City at Fratton Park today and all ready at 2.00 the roads around here are getting full up with football fans parking, still it will all be gone by 5.30.

Well at 3.00 I decided to go for a lie down and listen to the Soccer on the radio, Big mistake not a good match at all although it is now 4.35 and the score s {Portsmouth 0 Bristol City 0} anyway by 3.45 I had had enough so decided to watch another movie on the TV in the lounge, glad I did because I am watching the Movie "Toys" A 1992 movie starring Robbie Williams, it is an excellent movie and a nice way to spend the afternoon.
"Toys" 1992 Movie with Robbie Williams.

So there you have it another exciting Saturday comes and goes, although with the weather here today I think the best place is indoors in the warm watching TV. at least I have worked out some of the controls on the Sky TV Box like setting up a favourites list and how to record, Pause and rewind. it was so much easier  in the 1950,s when there was only 2 channels. still thats progress I suppose.
There is only 10 minutes left in the soccer match and it is still a draw at 0-0 so perhaps that is how it will stay.

A Brick Wall
Well I now have to start thinking about what to have for dinner, I fancy a nice Mushroom, leek and Potato bake, so that might go down well and then this evening I will be doing some family History research into my Maternal ancestors " The Hubbards" who emigrated to Canada in 1912 ? there is one ancestor " Richard Hubbard" who is evading me at the moment, I have traced him as far as the 1911 GB Census but then I have hit a brick wall but I will find him.

So I think that is about as exciting as my Saturday is going to get So on this St Patrick,s day I will say Tatty Bye until tomorrow when it is Mothering Sunday ( Mothers Day ) in the UK.
 The final score at Fratton Park was Portsmouth 0 Bristol city 0

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