Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mothering Sunday UK.

And we wake up to a very Bright and Sunny Sunday here on the South Coast. Had a really good nights sleep last night so that was a relief after Friday night, still cant get used to how the "Methotrexate" affects me, some weeks no problem, other weeks feel really yucky.

Well Today is "Mothers Day" here in the UK, so will be thinking of Mum today. Mum was born Edith Annie Hubbard in Portsmouth on the 2nd May 1913 first born child to Annie Maria and Frederick James Hubbard RN.  She grew up in Portsmouth and Ireland before returning with the family to Fareham. While at home in Fareham she met and eventually Married Albert Joseph Smith in 1941. Dad passed away in 1953 and mum passed away on the 16th May 2005 at the grand old age of 92.

So as I said at the start a very nice Sunny day here in Portsmouth. The weather is very "weird" this year, one day dull and wet, the next Sunny and dry, it is certainly confusing the wildlife this year. anyway slept through until 7.15 this morning, so lie in until 7.45 and then get up, make a coffee and into the lounge to watch the news on TV.

At 8.40 Guy and the trainee carer arrive, so it is not long before they have me ready for the day and are on their way to the next client, the young trainee seems to be getting on Ok. Once they have gone I get some Special K for breakfast and another coffee and then back in to the lounge to catch the end of the Soccer program and to watch the "Andrew Marr Show" which starts at 9.00.

This is a current affairs program and one that I like to watch every week along with "The Big Question, Country Tracks and Sunday Politics." this is how I spend my Sunday Morning in my Dressing Gown, this takes me up to 1.00 when I get dressed and then have lunch."Lazyyyyyyyyyy"

The news today is basically about the 2012 Budget which will be delivered on the 21st March and will come into effect on the 6th April. looking at the predictions it looks like the low earners, pensioners and the disabled will be screwed over again by the Government while the rich will get richer. When you here the questions put to the politicians they will never give a straight forward answer, which makes you even more suspicious of there motive,s.
The Morning is moving along and it is approaching 11.00 O'clock. It is nearly time for " Country Tracks" to begin. In Todays program Joe Crowley goes along the Western fringes of Scotland, he visits a farm on the banks of Loch Fyne, crosses to the Isle of Arran and ends his journey on Holy isle, a place of Buddhist contemplation. An excellent episode of a very informative and educational program.
Country Tracks.
That was an excellent Program and now for a nice cup of tea. well it is a change of plan now, I was going to watch the politics show but have seen that "Little House on the Prairie" is starting on True entertainment channel at 12.00 o'clock so will have to watch that instead, I remember watching it first time round when the series was shown in the early 1970,s. This one today is the 2 hour pilot show to the series and was shown in March 1974.
Pilot of Little House on the Prairie.
 well that was a "Blast from the Past" there were 184 episodes so that is a lot of Sunday viewing for me, must set up the sky box to record the series. I missed a lot of them when it was originally shown in the 70,s as I was in my 30,s and working and out partying. " so now its catch up time "

Well it is now 2.00 and the sun is still out and blue skies all around, Gervase will be in to see me shortly and we will go round to tesco express to get some bits and pieces to take me through until Tuesday when I will be going out to Asda or Morrison to get the big weekly shop. so as long as the sun stays out today it should be pleasant out in the fresh air for a bit.
Portsmouth earlier today.

It now looks like some cloud is building up and possibly in for a few rain showers, oh well the sunshine was good while it lasted.
Gervase arrives at 2.45. and at least the sun is still shining, So I decide to go round Tesco Express with him as the Exercise will do me good and so I can take the wheel chair and push it round, and if it gets to much I can get in and gervase can push me back. well we get there and I get what I need and then push the chair back home.
Elaine,s road in Southsea.
Once back indoors I get the shopping put away and then Gervase has an Ice cream he brought and I have a nice coffee and then we sit and chat Until 4.00 when Gervase has to make a move. as it is mothers day he dropped leanne of at her Mum Elaine,s house  before he came up here to see me and Now he is back down to Elaine,s to have dinner with her for Mothers Day. so It is now time for me to settle down and think about Dinner for me.

So that has been a quiet and pleasant day today, the affects of the Methotrexate are wearing off, I enjoyed the walk round to Tesco express, I have programed the Sky Box to record all the Episodes of little house on the prairie, and am going to have a nice dinner of Chicken with 3 veg and Gravy tonight, so all I have to do now is work out what to watch tonight on the TV and get this Journal posted so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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  1. OK so Mothers day in England is much earlier than in Canada, we do it in May.
    Methotrexate is weird sometimes no reaction other days yucky day!