Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scintillating Saturday

Or is It ?

Well here we are on Saturday the 3rd of March. It was a better nights sleep last night, and not so much acid reflux, this may be due to the fact that I left it until 7.00 pm before I had my evening meal and then I took my " Lamprazole" later than usual and that seemed to help. anyway I went to bed about 11.00 pm and was soon asleep and slept through until 7.15 so not to bad a night.
However I stayed in bed just "Lazing about until 7.45 and then got up and made my way with a coffee into the lounge, and put on the TV to watch and Listen to the early Breakfast news on BBC 1.
The weather is not to bad today, there is a bit of rain around but they do say that it  is going to clear up sometime today so hopefully it won't be long before the sun is out.

I have just seen the news report of the storms in the USA. With the Tornado,s sweeping across Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, my thoughts are with my American facebook friends in the USA,

Porridge for Breakfast
"The Bear Necessities of Life" 
 anyway it is getting on for 9.15 and The carer has just arrived, it is Guy today, he has just brought himself a new car so he has got rid of his motor scooter, I should think he is glad especially as it is raining today. Anyway we have a chat about Portsmouth Football Club and it is not long before he has me washed and groomed and, he also washes my hair for me and  then he is on his way, and I get some Porridge for breakfast and then go and get dressed.

A Sunday Drive.
So it is going to be another day of rest today, after the events of the last few weeks, I have discussed it with Gervase and also Pauline, and have decided that I need to take things easier at the weekends, after taking the Methotrexate on a Friday, so if I want to go out we will make it on a sunday, then Gervase will come and take me out in the car. we will continue like this while the doctors investigate the dizziness I have been having.

Eye Test Time Again.
Another thing I need to do next week is to get in touch with the optician, as I seem to be having sight problems in my right eye, it is only slight but I think I may need to have another Eye Test. I had my eyes tested last year and the optician discovered that I had a Cataract in my left Eye which he thinks is probably " Steroid Induced" and I think that it may be that I have one coming in my right Eye now as my left eye is now stronger than my right so probably need to get new glasses. "Don,t you just love this disease"

Well the morning has gone by quite quickly, it is now 12.10 and the sun is pout and the sky is blue, so I have been on Facebook, Checked the emails, and read the Paper, so think I will have a potter out in the back yard for 30 minutes or so in the sunshine, and then think about some lunch. I have checked the weather and taken a screen shot from the live web cam so you can see how nice it is here today. The Temperature is 12⁰C (53.6⁰F)

Portsmouth Harbour 12.15 Today in the Sunshine.
Well That was a nice 25 min,s out in the back garden, Certainly need some weed killer sprayed around and then this spring I think I will get some garden pots and plant some nice flowers for the summer, certainly going to be easier than trying to maintain a garden. 
Scrambled egg on Toast for lunch.
Back indoors now and time to get some lunch, I fancy a couple of scrambled eggs with a couple of slices of toast, that will be quick and easy to get ready so that is what I get done.
That went down very well so now to follow up with a nice coffee and get the mid day med,s taken and then settle down to an afternoon of TV and the Internet.

The film I am going to watch this afternoon is a 1996 starring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer and is called " One Fine Day " it starts at 2.00 pm. and finishes at 4.10. 
"One fine Day"
It seems like a nice easy film to watch and also at 3.00 pm Portsmouth are playing Middlesbrough at Fratton Park, There is live text commentary on the "Portsmouth News" website, It will be an interesting match as it may be the last match that Pompey play as the club has gone into administration and is likely to be wound up this week. it is a sorry state of affairs as Portsmouth Football club was established in 1898. one of the original founders was the author "Arthur Conan Doyle" 
Fratton Park
Well the time is now 3.00 pm and the football kicks of at 3.00 pm so it is time for me to finish of this daily journal and to settle down to finish watching the film and following the football (soccer) on line. so as you can see it has been another quiet day for me, tomorrow will be more livelier as Gervase will be round to see me and also I think Pauline and Gordon are paying a visit, and I think I am going to have a haircut. so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye.

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  1. Oh more scrambled eggs making me feel hungry. Because the old sclero tightens my skin it has changed the shape of my eyes and I don't need distance glasses anymore but readers for sure. Have to look hard for the positives!