Friday, March 16, 2012

Ooop's and here we are again

One day the Sunshine, Next the rain.
Today the clouds, are back again.

Portsmouth at Noon today, from the live web cam at Portsmouth Harbour.
Its another Cloudy overcast and cold day today here in Portsmouth, when you think that yesterday Pauline and I were sat out in the sunshine in commercial road enjoying a snack in temperatures  of 16⁰C and today I am indoors with the heating on looking out at a grey cloudy day and temperatures of 5⁰C. The weather is certainly very weird this year.

To the Lounge with coffee.
So here we are back at another friday, I slept reasonably well last night, I went to bed about 10.30. it took me about an hour to get to sleep, but slept through until 6.30 this morning, so decided to take my Methotrexate then and went back to bed to doze for an hour before getting up at 7.30 and taking a coffee into the lounge. 

So once in the lounge put the breakfast News on TV. There are two interesting news items today, the first is the lead story about the state in this country of home care for the elderly and disabled, there are many disturbing story's about the lack of care given by the home carers and the care agency,s they work for according to a survey by Consumer group "Which" The Government is publishing plans to "Overhaul" the system in England.

Its Paddington.
The second news item was on a more cheery note, Last night was the British Animation Awards. and the winner was .................. wait for it....................... "Paddington Bear".  he came all the way from Peru where he is on holiday to collect his award, Way to go Paddington, he beat the likes of "Bagpuss", "Super Ted", "Danger mouse" and "Wallace and Gromit" to win the public vote of best animated character of all time.

No Bike today for Amanda.
Amanda arrives at 8.40, I notice she has not got her bicycle with her today, apparently the tire place pumped up the rear tyre for her yesterday but it was flat again by the time she got home, so her husband is taking it to the Bike shop later today for them to replace the rear tyre and Inner tube, so hopefully she will have it back in time for work on Monday. She is full of beans today as tomorrow she is out "Partying" anyway she soon has me washed and groomed and then is off to her next client, at least all her clients are in a short distance from each other so that helps.

Pauline and Misty on the common.
Once Amanda is on her way I send the morning text to Pauline, and she phones back to say that it is colder today and she is out on the common with Misty for her Morning walk. She and Gordon saw the Photo,s hat I put on facebook last night of Misty and Charlie, and Gordon thought they looked OK. Anyway after speaking to Pauline I decide to make another coffee and get some breakfast before checking the e-mails and facebook.

New porridge.
I have a new Cereal to try today, when I was in Tesco with Pauline yesterday I saw some "Alpen Porridge" it was a " Raspberry, Apple and Raisin" Porridge and is new on the Market. It is made by " Weetabix" although it was launched in October I have never seen it before, anyway it comes in a box of 8 x  40 gram Packs for £2.00 GBP. First impressions are that it is very tasty so it looks like they are on to a winner. anyway finish breakfast, get shaved and dressed and onto the laptop to check e-mails and facebook.

Gervase and George.
Well the morning has gone by without any major upsets especially as it is Methotrexate day today "Freaky Friday". a bit yucky but that is normal for a Friday and Saturday at the moment. I had a knock on the door at 11.00 and it was a delivery driver bringing the order of Special cat food for one of Gervase and Leanne,s cats "George" It is a cat food he has to have because of his condition, I order it from "Pet Supermarket" as it is half the price of buying it at the vets and is free delivery as well, I ordered it on Monday and it was delivered today so good service.

Johann Strauss II
I get some lunch at 1.00 and decide on a Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich and a packet of crisps, followed by a Rhubarb Yoghurt, all washed down with a nice cup of tea. I then decide to have a lie down for an hour or so and listen to the radio " Classic FM " It is nice to just relax on the bed and listen to some of the classical music, one of my favourite pieces comes on at about 2.00 it is the "Russian March" by "Johann Strauss II" I have added it to my facebook wall if anyone has not heard it before, a nice piece of music

Well that was a nice relaxing couple of hours and now I have to make up time and get this journal finished and posted and then start thinking about what to have for tea today. I think it will be haddock in a parsley sauce with Mashed Potato, that will be quick and easy to do. anyway I had a nice text of of Leanne today to make sure all was OK and if I needed her to come round and get me anything, but I assured her all was well. so now I will just relax in front of the TV for the afternoon and evening. so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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