Monday, April 30, 2012

The sunshine returns

And so we rock and reel our way into the last day of April. The last few days have been very wet and windy here so it is nice to see that the Sun has returned to see April Out.
Portsmouth at 8.00 this morning.
Fruit and herbal Tea,s
Another good night again last night, went to bed about 11.00 and slept right through until 6.30 this morning, so it looks like my sleep pattern is starting to sort itself out, It may be that I have started to drink a "camomile and spiced apple" fruit tea about an hour before bedtime, and also only drink fruit teas in the evening, so wondering if this helps or not, I suppose only time will tell.

My Logo
well it is hard to believe that it a year today that I was transferred to Southampton Hospital for a Muscle biopsy and a variety of tests and scans to get the Diagnosis of "Dermatomyositis" I was on a Nasal Feeding tube with Chronic Dysphagia and had very limited mobility and a lot of Muscle loss, 12 months on an although I still have limited mobility I am almost back to normal eating and am making steady progress but know that there is a long way to go yet and probably a few twists and turns along the way.

Jazz Singer.
After a little lie in until 7.30 I went and made the coffee and then into the lounge to watch the morning News program on TV. it got to 9.15 and there was no sign of the carer, so I phoned the care company and Jo is still of sick so I have another carer called Summer coming today anyway "Summer arrives at 9.30, another  young girl who was very friendly and polite, she soon has me washed and groomed and she also has a good sense of humour as I asked her if she had a sister called Billie, she said No, I said oh I new a Jazz singer once called Billie Holiday, and wondered if you were her Sister "Summer Holiday"  she nearly wet herself laughing, and she went of to her next client in a fit of giggles.

Todays lunch.
After summer left I spoke to Pauline and then got some "Alpen Porridge" for breakfast and then settle down to check emails and facebook and to watch some TV, Phoned The Electricity company to book my annual boiler service and before long it is getting on for 1.00  and time for lunch. So what to have is the Question, {us poor old pensioners are almost on the breadline thanks to the coalition budget cuts, and seeing as I can't make it to a soup kitchen I will have to open a can of heinz Big soup} LOL only joking folk,s So a can of Chicken and Vegetable big soup, followed by a Hazelnut Praline Yoghurt.

Cat Nap.
Once lunch is over it is time to have a bit of a cat nap and then get this Journal written and  then to watch a bit of Daytime TV. There is an episode of "Diagnosis Murder on at 3.00 pm and  the quiz show " Pointless " on at 5.15, so after "diagnosis murder" I can get dinner sorted to begin cooking at 5.00, so that it will be ready for 6.00, tonight it is Liver and bacon with 3 veg and mashed potato, with an Onion gravy "Tasty"

I enjoyed a quick "Power Nap" in the Recliner, so now it is time to get this Journal Posted and settle down with the TV for the rest of the afternoon so I will say .......................................................
And will see you all again tomorrow in "MAY" Tatty bye all.

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  1. Congratulations on the huge progress you have made in the last year. I think your great sense of humour has really helped. and is one of the reasons you have such great friends who help you out.
    I have to keep reminding myself that there has been improvement and stop getting cranky because it is slower than I would like.
    Take care and keep improving, Hugs Chris