Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not a great start to May.

Good morning and let,s start by saying..................

The first of May 2012
Tummy Trouble
Ok so it is not the best start to a new month, the weather is a lot better today, blue skies and sunshine here in Portsmouth with temperatures of 14 C. the problem is I woke this morning at 2.30 with bad stomach pains, no idea what it was, but I could not get back to sleep properly, so got out of bed at 7.30 to make my way into the lounge, text pauline to let her know that I was going to phone the doctor at 9.00 so would cancel my blood test for today and rebook for next week.

Pauline and Taxi
However I have a coffee and watch the TV until The Carer Arrives, It is Jo back today, apparently she had a bit of an ear infection on Sunday and Monday, but is feeling better today, anyway she gets me washed and Groomed and is then on her way.
At 9.00 I phone the doctors surgery and a Doctor will phone me back later this Morning, so I go and get some Special K for Breakfast. I speak to Pauline on the phone, she did not get my Text and she is going to get a taxi down about 10.15 and then we will see how the day goes.

Doctor Phone,s
Well Pauline arrives at 10.20 and I make a coffee, the doctor phones back at 10.45 and we have a chat, she is not to concerned at this point as she thinks it may be a bit of a tummy bug, she is going to write a prescription for some gaviscon but stressed that I must phone the surgery back again if it gets worse or is still the same after the next couple of days, as she said It could be a side effect of the Medication and if it is knowing which one is the question, anyway the prescription will be ready in 30 minutes so Pauline will go and collect it.

New Glasses.
My stomach does feel if it is starting to settle down a bit now, so decide we will continue with the days plan and get a taxi to go to the city centre to get my new glasses as I have an appointment with the opticians at 12.00, and we can pick up the prescription on the way and get the gaviscon from Boots the chemist when we are down town. so I phone to get a Taxi for 11.30 and then we are on our way with the wheelchair in the Taxi.
Once we arrive at the town centre, the wheelchair is unloaded and then Pauline takes the Prescription into Boots and then we go over to Specsavers to get my new Glasses.

Todays Daily Paper.
I get the glasses fitted and I must say it is a big difference, Not so much in the reading lens but the distance vision is a lot sharper, so I am pleased about that, so now we are going to get A coffee and a snack at the expresso bar in the precinct, I have a Pasty and Pauline has a Sausage roll, and very tasty it is too. Anyway My Stomach is starting to settle down a bit now, so hopefully will not have to take even more medicine, I am not a lover of Gaviscon although it does settle tummy,s down. once we have finished our coffee Pauline said she would like to go to Primark, so she goes off to Primark and I go into Boots to pick up the Gaviscon from the prescription and then go out into the sunshine to wait for Pauline, and while waiting I do the crosswords in the daily Paper.

Running late
Once Pauline comes out of Primark we make our way into Tesco to get some shopping before getting a Taxi to head back home. Once indoors we get the shopping put away and I make a coffee and we have a chat until Pauline has to make her move back home at 3.00. Once Pauline has gone I make another Coffee and settle down to get todays Journal written, I am running late with things today however the good part is that my Stomach is a hell of a lot better than it was this morning, perhaps it was the onion in the liver and bacon ready meal I scoffed down last night for dinner, where I have been used to eating fresh food, Who Knows "Not Me".

Today On the first of May I had to pay 60p to post a letter first class, "Sixty flaming Pence" and we do not even get a reliable postal service these days, anyway I say this because on the First of May 1840 The First Adhesive Postage stamp was issued  in Great Britain, The cost of the stamp was one penny and the first adhesive stamp was the " Penny  Black "
The Introduction of the Penny Black
Well with that little bit of history I will get this Journal posted and say Cheerio until tomorrow.

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