Friday, May 18, 2012

Another friday arrives.

It's too cold
And here we are again at the beginning of another Methotrexate Friday, and as is the norm these days the weather is much the same as it was yesterday Very grey and dismal and not at all warm, as a matter of fact it was said on a program on TV that I was watching last night that April/May this year has been the wettest and coldest for 300 years, well the way it is going I can well believe it.

Well last night was not the best nights sleep that I have had I went to bed at 11.00 and woke again at 4.00. Went to the bathroom and then dozed of again until about 6.00 when I woke again and then just kept dozing on and off until 8.00 when I decided to get up. Went and made the coffee and took into the lounge to watch the morning News on TV until Jo the carer arrives, also went on line and got the photo from the live webcam showing a miserable day in Portsmouth at 8.00.

Go Jo go
Well at least I have not got to go out anywhere today as all the shopping was done yesterday and that will take me through to Sunday when Gervase will take me out to the shops, this is the one aspect of this Myositis that still gets me down, and that is the lack of Independence. Jo my carer turns up at 8.40 today, again she has a busy day so after a short chat she gets me washed and groomed and is then off on her cycle to her next client.

Interview Time
Gervase came round to see me yesterday evening to see how i was and to let me know how he got on up in London for his interview, apparently he did not realize that it is a two part interview, if he gets through the interview yesterday, then he will have to go back again for a second interview, I suppose that this make,s sense as the higher up you progress within a company so the more complex the interviews. anyhow he was pleased with the way it went so is happy with that, and as he said, if he gets it then that is fine, if he does not then there will always be other opportunities at least he is progressing through the company and has a job that he enjoys.

A Day of rest
Once Jo has gone I get myself some wheatabix for breakfast and then Text pauline to let her know all is Ok and then get dressed before taking my "Methotrexate", "Prednisolone" and "Calcichew D3" and now it is time to settle down with the laptop and check out the emails and Facebook. It is one of those "off days today" so I will not be doing much today apart from working on the laptop and watching TV.

This is Sunshine
well the Morning goes by and it is now 12.45 so time to get a bit of lunch, I am having a couple of scotch Eggs today with a packet of crisps and a nice cup of tea, and then I will have a lie down for an hour after the lunchtime news, before completing the daily Journal.
I have just watched the lunchtime weather forecast at 1.45 and it is going to be brighter tomorrow, with rain on Sunday and then next week it is supposed to be getting warmer and sunnier, well we will have to wait and see if that is what actually happens, hope it does as it will be nice to see the sun.
So it is now 2.00 so I am off for my afternoon lie down, so will see you all again at 3.00

Told You I would be back at 3.00, so it is still dark and dismal and the temperature is starting to drop so looks like it may be a case of putting on the central heating later this evening. so this really is about it for today, Pauline phoned just after 3.00 to say she and Gordon are back in Portsmouth and did I need anything.
Gervase will ring me later on his way home from work so now it is time to get this journal posted and then do an hour or so family history research before pointless starts at 5.15 and then dinner at 6.30 before the soaps on TV this evening and a film. so before I go here is todays "Day in History" for the 18th May 1911.

So now it is time to get this Journal Posted so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye from.............

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