Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hooray its the Sun.

"Sunshine comes softly through my Window to day", as the words from Donovan's song " "Sunshine Superman" Goes. Yes folks at long last the sun is shining in Sunny Southsea, But the question is for how long ?

It was a decent nights sleep again last night although it was late when I went to bed as I was engrossed in A Nostalgic program on TV looking at "Early Public Information Films" these were films produced by the british government in the 60,s and 70,s I remember watching a lot of these on TV in my teens

Anyway eventually got to bed about 11.00 O'Clock and it did not take me long to fall asleep and I slept through until 6.45. I lazed in bed with a coffee until 8.00  and then made my way to the lounge with another coffee to wait for Jo the carer who arrives at 8.35.  
Once Jo has finished I send a text to Pauline and then get some Wheatabix  for breakfast before settling down with the laptop to check Facebook and my E-Mails. Pauline phones back to say all is OK and that she is booking a Taxi for 11.00 to come and pick me up and then we are going down to the city centre for an hour or so to get some shopping and pay some bills.   
Pauline arrives at about 11.10 and we are soon on our way down town, We get the Taxi driver to drop us of with the Wheelchair at the Main Post office as Pauline has a letter to post and then we make our way to the ATM to get some money before going  into Debenham,s department stall so I can pay my account 
Debenham,s in the Precinct.
Once we are out of Debenham,s we decide to have a wander round the cascade Shopping arcade before going to get a Coffee and a Sausage roll at the Expresso Cafe in the precinct, It is not very busy in the Arcade today and Pauline wants to have a look in the "Fabric" shop to look for material to make cushion covers with. so I take a photo to show how few people are around, bearing in mind it is now approaching noon.
Outside the "Fabric Land" Store in the Cascade,s
After we leave the Arcade we go and have our coffee and Sausage Roll at the Expresso cafe in the Precinct, while there I meet an old workmate from the Ferry port who I have not seen for several year,s he has had a few medical problems as well and has difficulty walking around, so we have a chat and then me and Pauline go into Tesco to get some shopping, Pauline gets a small trolley and I self propel my self in the wheel chair ( it is good exercise for the "shoulder muscles") anyway half way round I fancy another coffee so we go into the cafeteria  and get a couple of coffee,s and also Pauline has a muffin and I have a piece of "lemon Meringue  Pie", " Luverly
My Lovely piece of Lemon Meringue Pie and a frothy coffee
Well I must say that was the tastiest piece of lemon Meringue pie I have tasted in a long time, anyway we now get the shopping finished and then we get it paid for and off outside to phone for a taxi to take us home, it has been a really good day down town now that the weather is a bit warmer and dry, with a little bit of sunshine as well.
Outside Tesco waiting for the Taxi.
Well we are now back home, the shopping is put away and the coffee made and we are sat in the lounge having a nice chat before I phone for the taxi to take Pauline home at 3.10. So now it is time to get todays Journal written and also to put up todays "Day in History" which is the end of the conflict in Europe in 1945, so time to remember.

So there we go folks another exciting day in Portsmouth city centre, shopping and Eating, what an Exciting life I lead, so I will now get this up on my blog and then think about dinner so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye and hope the Sunshine returns again tomorrow.


  1. Frank I wish I had that lemon meringue pie and frothy coffee today. It's cloudy here in Minnesota and we're getting more rain. I can't wait for another sunny day to get out into my garden.

  2. Hopefully the sun will keep shining although they do say the rain and high winds are returning on Wednesday/Thursday.