Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And still the rain comes............

Along with Pauline, Gervase, The Insurance assessor, and ♬ ♬ ♬Uncle Tom Cobley and all, and Uncle Tom Cobley, and all ♬ ♬ ♬ or so the song " Scarborough Fair " goes.
Morning coffee
Well another really windy and Showery day her in "Sunny Southsea" some sunshine but more rain showers although not as heavy as this morning, got woken at 4.30 by the rain and hail stones battering the window in the downstairs bedroom. still it only lasted about 10 minutes and then passed on bye. so I went back to sleep again until 6.30 and then got up about 7.30 and took a coffee into the lounge to catch up with the Morning News.

Go "Misty" Go
It is going to be a busy kind of day today, Jo the carer arrives at 8.40 and soon has me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, once she is on her way, I go and get some breakfast, and then speak to Pauline on the phone, She is abut to take Misty out on the common for her morning walk so she is going to book a Taxi for 11.00 and then we can just go down to Asda to get the shopping.

A Close Shave
At 9.15 Gervase sends a text to say he is on the way to me, He has arranged to work from home today so he can be here when the Insurance Assessor arrive,s to look at the roof regarding the water penetration last Wednesday night, although it has not happened since. so once breakfast is over I go and have a shave and get dressed and then go and fire up the laptop to check emails and facebook.

Shop at Asda
Gervase arrives and settles down with his laptop and Blackberry to  get some work done, and I work on the laptop "If you can call playing facebook games work" anyway by 11.00 o'clock we have not had a phone call yet from the insurance assessor, and Pauline text,s to say she is on her way so I get the wheelchair ready and then when Pauline arrives we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go to asda.

Insurance Assessor.
Well we are not long at Asda today and we are back home by 12.30, gervase is upstairs on a conference call with Work, so we get the shopping put away and then have a sit down and a coffee and a sausage roll, which goes down well, Pauline then makes her way back home and at 1.15 I get a phone call to say the Insurance assessor will be here within the next 30 minutes, so that is OK, in fact he arrives about 1.50, gervase has finished his conference call so he deals with the Assessor.

Being a terrace house there is not a lot of free ground surrounding it so it is not possible to see the roof at the rear of the house, anyway they go into the loft but can see no problem showing up there, so the insurance assessor opens the large tilt and swing double glazed window in the Bathroom, climbs out onto the window ledge and holding on with one hand holds his camera up over the line of the guttering and takes Photo,s of the roof and rear chimney. (a braver man than I am, I cant even get up the stairs).
A roofer next week
Anyway the outcome is that there is no damage showing to the roof ridge, coping stones, chimney, or roof tiles, however he recommends that I get a roofer round to get up on the roof and carry out an inspection so I will phone one on Monday, he seems to think that it was a one off happening last wednesday night with the amount of rain fall and the wind direction.

So that is about it for the day, once the assessor goes gervase makes a move as he has to go and buy a new suite for his interview for promotion on Thursday (another step up the corporate ladder) and I make another coffee and then get started on todays Journal.
To keep you all interested todays "Date in History" is from the 15th May 1928 and was when "Micky Mouse"premiered his "first Cartoon"

So on that note I will take my leave and say Tatty bye until tomorrow.

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