Thursday, May 17, 2012

An early start.

It certainly is, It is 7.30 on Wednesday Evening, sitting here and just finished watching Emmerdale and realised that I alway write my daily journal during the morning and afternoon never in the evening, so I  had a bright idea and thought well, why not start Thursdays Daily journal tonight, this is a one off it won,t happen very often believe me.

Not all Idea's are good Idea's
So here we are ten a nice little friendly cartoon picture for you all to admire and comment on like " ain't frank got anything better to do" or "He should really get a life" or words to that affect.
so what are my plans for tonight, I have put out the rubbish for the dustman tomorrow, and have checked facebook and have a program on ITV about "Noel Gordon" and then it will be a 2 hour episode of "Lewis" this is a spin off from the series "Morse" This is the sixth series starting tonight, starring Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox.

New series of lewis.
 This goes on until 10.00 o'clock when it will be time for a Ovaltine and the News and then off to bed.
Ok so it is now 10.30 and I am ready for my bed, I enjoyed the new series of Lewis. there are 4 x 2 hour episodes over the 4 weeks on a Wednesday the first one tonight was "The soul of genius" and very good it was as well, Pauline phoned at 9.00 and she is OK so now I will text gervase and wish him well for his Promotion Interview tomorrow and then into bed and off to sleep.

Oh Well time to set the alarm and off to bed
So I will return to this journal tomorrow Morning. see you all then and hope I wake to a sunny day.

What did I say last night "Hope I wake to a sunny day", no blinking chance of that today as you can see by the following photograph taken This morning from the live webcam at Portsmouth harbour .
Portsmouth 8.00 am Today

Morning Television.
Anyway can't stay in bed sulking all day about the weather so I get up and go to make a coffee and then into the lounge to watch the Breakfast News on the Television until Jo the carer turns up to get me washed and groomed for the day ahead, Jo arrives at 8.20 and has a busy day today so she gets me sorted and then she is off to her next client .

Phone call from Pauline
Once Jo has gone I get myself a nice bowl of Alpen porridge for breakfast and then Send pauline the usual Morning Text. Pauline phones back about 9.20 to say that all is ok and Gordon does not start work until later today so he has taken Misty out for her morning walk, so she will be booking the Taxi for 10.45 today to collect me and then we will be going into the City centre to do the shopping for the weekend, so Marks and Spencer here I come.

Getting Ready to go
out shopping with Pauline
So now all that remains is for me to check out facebook and also check the emails and then at 10.00 I can get a shave and start getting clothes sorted and get dressed ready for when Pauline gets here about 11.00.
Just had a phone call from Pauline to say she is on her way, she ended up booking the taxi for 11.15 as she wanted to get my ironing done to bring round with her, She really is an angel, anyway I am all dressed and ready to go so once Pauline arrives the wheelchair goes into the taxi and off we go down to commercial road.
Once there the Taxi drops us off by the Post Office and we make our way round to the bank so I can get some money out and then we go into the Cascades shopping arcade as it is warmer in there than it is outside, still very chilly here today.
It is fairly busy today, we have a look in the card shop as they have a closing down sale but not a lot there, so then go into Marks and Spencer, but the prices there seem to have got a lot more expensive over the last week or two so decide to give them a miss this week so decide we will head straight over to tesco and as it just gone 12.00 we will get some lunch and then get the shopping afterwards, I decide to have a Jacket Potato with cheese and pauline has Minestrone soup, I really enjoyed the Potato, so decide that I now want something sweet to eat and fancy a cheesecake, I go off to get one and to stretch my legs and pauline does not want a sweet.
Got my Cheese cake. "Lovely"

I can't be mean to Pauline so I saved her some as well....................... Only a little bit though,
Pauline Enjoyed her little Piece.
Pay and Go Home.
That was lunch over and I have come to the conclusion that having lunch before shopping is not the way to do it, I got so intolerant with all the rude and bad mannered people in Tesco that in future I will make sure we shop first and eat afterwards, however we get the shopping done, Pay  and get out and phone the Taxi to take us back home.

Once home I make a coffee and then we get the shopping put away and sort out the Clean Laundry and ironing that pauline brought round with her this morning, and pauline takes another load with her, anyway we were saying that eating before shopping seems to have tired both of us out, so pauline goes off home and I go and have a lie down for an hour until 3.30.

Well that was a short lie down so now it is 3.30 so get this journal completed for today and post it onto my blog, Also todays " Day in History is " the 17th May 1792 so I will leave you with that and say Bye Bye until tomorrow.

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