Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weather changes again.

And once again the weather cannot make up its mind, Yesterday was warm with blue skies and bright Sunshine, today it is dull and cooler, I just wish it would make up its mind as I am hoping to go out this afternoon with my Daughter in-law Leanne and her Mum Elaine, down to the 10th hole tea rooms for tea and cake, so hope the weather improves a little bit.
The 10th Hole Tea Rooms, Southsea Sea Front.
 And so we are now into May, the year is going by pretty fast and before we know it we will be heading into summer and all the problems the heat and the sun bring to us that are living with this Dermatomyositis, still as always we will fight through it and not give in to it. so I will say to you all...........................
 The Second of May 2012
A Sleeping log
And now we return this journal to some form of Sanity. Myositis is certainly a roller coastal ride as Sunday night I woke in the early hours of the morning and could not get back to sleep properly and last night I slept like a log from about 10.30 until 7.15 this morning, and although my stomach still feels tender it is nowhere near as bad as it felt yesterday

Checking my explosive emails
So at 8.00 I make my way with a coffee into the lounge and watch the morning news on TV until Jo the carer arrives at 8.30, she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I get some Porridge for breakfast and text Pauline to let her know all is OK and then settle down with the laptop to check out Facebook and also my emails, so it is going to be a relaxing day today.

I play some games on the laptop and do a bit of cartoon design until 12.30 when I go and get some Chicken and Mushroom soup with a couple of crispbread for lunch and then go and have a lie down for an hour until 2.30 when I go and get myself sorted for when Leanne and Elaine comes to take me to the 10th Hole tea room.
Elaine and leanne at the Tea Room.
Leanne and Elaine arrive at 3.45 and off we go to the Tea Room, The weather is still very overcast but it is not to cold so we are able to sit outside and have our coffee and I have a large slice of Toffee and fudge sponge and although it was naughty it was also very nice so what the heck, anyway we were down there about an hour before they brought me back home at 5.15. it was a nice hour or so and I really enjoyed it and look forward to going again when the weather gets better.
My Pice of Toffee and Fudge Cake "Luverly"
I was thinking today as I was writing this edition of my daily Journal about all the Journals and magazines that are around and thought I would share with you that one of the Magazine my mum and also my Auntie Maud used to read was "Good housekeeping" and that it was on the 2nd of May 1885 that it was founded in Holyoke Massachusetts, by Clark W Bryan.
Anniversary of Good Housekeeping Magazine.
So here we are at the end of another good day, As yesterday I am running late with the journal so will get it posted to my blog and then settle down to watch the rest of Pointless, and after eating that large piece of cake I think dinner will be later this evening, so until tomorrow I will say Adios Amigo,s.

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