Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Lazy sunday afternoon, I've got no time to worry.
close my eye,s and drift away

A Busy Day
And so the words of the song by the "Small Faces" go. and yes it is Sunday and yes that was the song I have just been listening to on the radio. It is as you can gather a really nice Sunny day here again today, not a cloud in a bright blue sky, and where am I on the laptop, what a life I lead. I needed to make a start on the Journal early today as I have a fairly busy day today.

Medtronic Machine.
My Son Gervase will be round about 12.00 as I have to make the first Transmission of the recordings from my "Reveal Heart monitor" over the Telephone line to the Cardio Dept at the Queen Alexandra Hospital using the "Medtronic CareLink Machine", so gervase is going to be here to make sure I set it up Correctly and that it works as it should. All this "High Technology"

Last night was a good nigh,s sleep once I got to sleep, it took about 1.5 hours for me to drop off to sleep but once I did I only woke once to use the bathroom and then went back to sleep until 6.45, but it was very close last night and also today which makes breathing a bit laboured but hopefully there will be a bit of a breeze again later on. I have just been and checked the Olympic Torch Relay to see how that is progressing. Today is day 9 and the flame goes from Swansea to Aberystwyth. The first Relay today is by "Train" at Mumbles in Swansea.
By Train at Mumbles
 It was then cheered by large crowds that lined the streets as it made its way through Swansea.
On the road through Swansea
The time is now getting on and it is approaching 11.15, time to get a shave and dressed ready for when Gervase gets here about midday, and then once we have sent the recording down to the QA, then we will be off to Asda to get a bit of shopping before a drive along the sea front.

So Gervase arrives about 12.30 and we get the Medtronic Care link machine set up and we get the transmission started after going through the instructions  a couple of times. it takes about 6 minutes to record the Data from the Heart Monitor to the machine ad about 12 minutes to send it down the Phone line to the Queen Alexandra Cardiology department. "Job Done"

once that is over and done with we then get the wheelchair in the car and off we go to Asda, Really wish we had not come here today, it is packed with people out buying all the BBQ supplies and cheap lager, so we get round as fast as we can and then we are off back to te car and come home via the sea front.It is very busy down here today with so many Families out on the Common with BBQ,s and picnics. It is nice to see so many people out enjoying the nice weather, will probably be record numbers off work tomorrow with sunburn.
Southsea Common near to Clarence Pier
The whole sea front is very very busy today, but then again it is the first decent week end weather wise so far this year so I expect the traders need the customers, it is just a pity that when you get really nice weather like this the Prices go up, for an example, if you go down along the sea front in february or March you can get a coffee for 80p, the same coffee in the summer when the weather is nice will cost £1.25 to £1.50. still I suppose it is a short season, There are also a lot of people along the Promenade and also by canoe lake.
The promenade approaching South Parade pier

In the sun at canoe lake
I am now going to check to see how the Olympic Torch Relay is progressing down in Wales as I have not checked since 9.00 this morning when it was in Swansea. Well here we see it at Kidwelly in front of the Castle, This is the castle that was used as a location for the film " Monty python and the holy Grail "
The Olympic torch in front of Kidwelly Castle
OK so that is nearly today over and done with, gervase has round to Elaine,s to pick up Leanne, and then they are off home, I have had a pasty for lunch and tonight I am having Salmon with Cauliflower cheese. so I will say Goodbye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Date In History"

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