Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Sun Has got his hat on.

Hello Sunshine
And we awake to another Bright, Sunny and Warm Day here on the South Coast, It is so nice to see the blue skies and feel the warmth in the air and as long as I stay out of the sun I am fine, so what I do is sit in the back room with the door open, that way I can look out into the back yard and the sunshine without actually being out in the sun. Sorted.

New Carer
Well it was a better nights sleep last night, it was not so humid as Thursday night and I made sure I had a bottle of water handy for if I woke during the night, which I did so that was ok. anyway I only woke once at 2.45 and went back to sleep and woke at 6.45 so that was OK, trouble was the temperature in the room was already 23 C. anyway got up at 8.00 ready for the Carer, who came at 9.00. It was a different carer today as Jo my regular carer has the weekend off.

Canada Family
Once the carer had me washed and Groomed I got some Wheatabix for breakfast and then took the laptop into the back room and sat in there with the door open, and checked out my e-mails and also facebook to catch up on what was happening in the Myositis groups and also with the family at home and in Canada.

Once that had all been checked out I went and checked out how the Olympic Torch relay was progressing it is into day 8 today and is going from Cardiff Bay to Swansea. it is in wales until Tuesday when it ends the day back in England. It started its Journey today from Cardiff Bay, and the first runner today was Dr Who Star "Matt Smith"
Matt Smith with the Torch at Cardiff
The torch left Cardiff bay at 6.30 this morning and makes its way through the valleys to Merthyr Tydfil and then on to Swansea.
The Torch Change over at Caerphilly Castle
The time has gone past very quickly this morning and it is now 1.00 and time for lunch, today I will make a nice Egg Mayonnaise sandwich with a cup of tea and a Banana. That was very tasty and it was very pleasant sat here eating it with the breeze blowing in from the back yard.
The view from my back room
Well it is now approaching 3.00 and I have done very little today but at least the effects of the Methotrexate yesterday are starting to subside, I think the secret is plenty of fluids in this warm weather.
It is now time to have a rest from the computer and watch a movie on TV  There is "Police Academy, Mission to Moscow" on Comedy Central so I think I will watch that, will probably doze off in the chair watching it. anyway I will leave you with todays day in History from 1904, this was one funny  and talented Man. so until tomorrow Tatty Bye.

George Formby

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