Monday, May 21, 2012

And Monday follows Sunday.

Where is the sun
Got Out of bed, Oh full of fun.
When I draw the curtains, I will see the Sun.
With baited breath, I grabbed the cord.
I pulled it hard, without a word.
The Light came in , I cried out loud.
There is no Sun, just Blinking Cloud.

In the Bathroom
So a good Morning to you all and welcome to another day of Fun here in the South of England, As you can tell by the above little verse, despite what the meteorological office is telling us, the sunshine has still not arrived although we live in hope. Not a bad night last night, slept relatively well, woke about 4.30 to go to the bathroom and then went back to sleep until about 6.45 so pleased with that.

As I usual I stayed lazing in Bed until 8.00 then went and made the coffee and went to the lounge to watch the TV News and to wait for the carer to arrive, once the carer has been I text Pauline and gervase and then go and get some porridge for breakfast before going on line to check out the emails and also Facebook, to see who is around. I check how the Olympic torch relay is going, Today is day 3 and they are going from Exeter in Devon to Taunton in Somerset. at 8.10 the torch is going through Okehampton being carried by local Olympic shooting Hopeful Georgina Geike

The olympic Torch Relay at Okehampton

Cutting my own Toe nails
So this morning is taken up by Spending a couple of hours on Genealogy Research on line through the National Archives website, and then at 11.00 it is time for a coffee and a couple of biscuits and then an hour on Facebook, catching up on the "Words with friends games" after doing the washing up, this brings us up to 12.00. and this is where another milestone is reached, Yahooo, Yipeeee and "I Can't believe it" for the first time in over 18 months I have managed to cut my own "Toe Nails". the only problem now is that I am sure I had 5 toes on each foot when I started LOL. Anyway if this Myositis has taught me one thing and that is to take nothing for granted as you do not know what you miss being able to do until you can't do it.

Cat nap
so now at 1.00 o,clock it is time for some lunch and today I am having a nice Cheese and Bacon sandwich with a nice cup of tea and that went down really well, so another first for today is eating Wholemeal Bread including the crusts. once that is finished I watch the TV News until 1.45 and then have  a cat nap in the chair for an hour.
So now the time is 3.00 and time to get this journal finished,  As usual i am adding the Day in history, Today it is the 118th Anniversary of the official opening of the Manchester ship canal by queen victoria, This has nothing to do with my daily journal except that I enjoy spending time on the computer with Graphic design. and it is one of my daily tasks I set myself.

Official opening of the Manchester Ship canal.
so there we are then another little bit of historical knowledge, so now I am going to check to see how the Olympic torch relay is progressing on its 3rd day and it seems that it is not just us humans that are getting excited about the Olympic torch relay around britain, our Canine friends resplendent in the Union Jack are also out in force in Bideford. the true British Bulldog spirit LOL.
 So there we are then folks, All in All another good day, and to top it all the Sun and blue skies are trying to make an appearance so fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow out shopping down town with Pauline. so I will leave you all with a fond farewell until tomorrow and the latest photo from the live webcam at Portsmouth harbour.

Portsmouth at 4.20 this afternoon.

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