Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Sunny Sunday

Wakey, Wakey, The sun is shining, The sky is blue and all is right with the world. It is another very bright Sunny day with blue skies, but we need to make the most of it because the damp weather is going to return tomorrow for the start of another damp and miserable week. Here is how Portsmouth was looking this morning at 7.45 when I got up to get a coffee and go into the lounge.
Portsmouth 7.45 Today
NHS Cuts
I have come to the conclusion that I am getting to be a grumpy old man in my old age, "Victor Meldrew I am your competition" I have been listening to the reports on the Breakfast news this morning about the report by the "Royal college of Nursing" that there are patients being left/treated on trolleys in hospital corridors for up to 21 hours, brought about by the cuts in the National Health Budget by the current Government.
 On the same news report it is announced that the government are going to give £100.00 Vouchers to Dysfunctional families to pay for "Parenting Classes" What is the world coming to. 
Thats my Rant and moan over for the day, Jo the carer came at 8.30 and soon has me washed and Groomed ready for a relaxing day ahead, Pauline phoned just before Jo Arrived to say she was up, but was going back to bed for an hour ( Don't blame her) so it s now time for some wheatabix and a banana for breakfast and then to settle down with the laptop.

Well this is a very relaxing morning, I have had a phone call from Gervase to say that he will be coming round between 1.00 and 2.00 pm today and we are going out to get some food shopping so I need to check to see what I need to get. and where to go for it, He was a bit late getting up today as he was out with Leanne yesterday Evening for a birthday meal and then the cinema. he also had a tattoo done yesterday so his shoulder is a bit sore today.
The time is now approaching 12.30 so go and get some nice "Irish stew" for lunch and then watch an episode of "Little house on the Prairie" before Gervase Arrive. Gervase arrives at 1.45 so that is OK , we get the wheelchair into the car and then as I do not need to get much we decide to go and get the shopping at Asda in Fratton.

Asda at the Fratton "Bridge Centre"
It does not take long to get around Asda at the bridge centre, as it is not too busy today, once we have the shopping we get back to the car and we decide to drive back home via the sea front as it is a nice warm day.
Southsea Sea front by South Parade Pier today
That was an enjoyable drive along the seafront in the sunshine with the widows open, anyway once back home we get the wheelchair and the shopping indoors and have a coffee and a chat and then gervase makes his way back home to leanne, while I settle down to get this Journal written and Posted onto my blog.
So now It is time to make another cup of coffee and do some family History research for a couple of hours before getting dinner at 6.00.
It has been a really great day today, I am sure Sunshine and blue skies lifts the spirits, anyway before I get on with the family history I will include todays "Date in History" today it is the 13th May 1787. The day the First fleet left Portsmouth for Australia.

Well that is about it for today so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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