Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Methotrexate Friday

Good morning one and all and welcome to.............
Freaky Friday
Misty Laughing on Sunday 
yes it is freaky friday again today, Time for the Methotrexate. At least I had a decent nights sleep last night and also my Stomach seems to be starting to settle down, I do not know what caused it to be upset this week was it a tummy bug I picked up or Uncontrollable laughter at the weekend when I visited Gordon and Pauline, Even "Misty" was Laughing.

The weather here today is not very nice at all, although it is not raining it is very Cloudy and chilly not at all like May should be. I have just been listening to the weather forecast on TV and they are saying that the weather over the bank holiday weekend is not very nice at all wet and cold and it is going t be colder than it was at Christmas, as Victor Meldrew would say " I Don't believe it " anyway I got the Photo from the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour showing the cloudy skies at lunchtime today.
Portsmouth 11.55 Today

Washing up the dishes
However back to this morning, I got up at 7.20, made a coffee and then went into the lounge to watch some TV until Jo the carer arrives, Jo turns up at 8.50, she has got extra clients today so she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way and I get some Porridge for breakfast and take the Methotrexate. Once breakfast is over I text pauline and then get the washing up done before getting dressed and settling down to watch "Heir Hunters" on TV
 I do enjoy the "Heir Hunters" program, as I do like Genealogy, once that is over I watch yesterdays recording of "Little house on the Prairie" before settling down to the laptop and checking out my e-mails and also seeing who is about on Facebook, once that is done I decide to have a bit of a rest before thinking about lunch.
Little House on the Prairie

The time is now 1.00 and time for lunch, today I am having a small Smoked haddock fillet wit bread and butter, I bought it yesterday from the fresh fish counter at Morrisons so that will go down well with a nice cup of tea, also the lunchtime news is on TV, Yesterday it was the local council elections in Great Britain and it looks like the Conservatives and lib-Dem,s are taking a bit of a beating.
Local Council Election Results today

well that is lunch over and done with, so now to get the washing up done and then settle down to get this journal finished and posted and then go for a lie down for an hour or so before Pointless starts on TV.  Before I finish on this Freaky friday "The Date for Today" history lesson is the Beginning of the Royal Canadian Navy in 1910.
Royal Canadian Navy
So There we go, not a long journal today, but it has been a quiet day today as the Methotrexate kicks in and also with the temperature drop today I am suffering from very cold fingers as the Raynaud's kicks in and it is difficult to type wearing gloves,so I am off for an Hours sleep so I will say Adios until tomorrow.

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