Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A busy Thursday Shopping.

A Hot Humid Night
Another Thursday dawns, and again it is a warm day but a lot more cloud today, apparently there is a chance of a shower or two today but that is going to be hit and miss according to the weather men. I was not a good nights sleep last night as it was very warm and humid so hopefully today will be a little cooler. anyway at 7.30 I decide to get up and make the coffee and go into the lounge ready for when Jo the carer arrives.

Pauline gets the Taxi.
Once Jo arrives at 8.30 she gets me washed and groomed and then she is on her way, I get some breakfast and then text Pauline, Pauline phones back to say she is just of to take Misty out for her walk and that she will book the Taxi for 10.45 to come and pick me up so that we can get out and get the prescriptions and the shopping.
So I go on to the Laptop and check the emails, Facebook and the Olympic Torch relay before getting shaved and dressed ready for when Pauline comes.

The Olympic torch relay is on to day 11 today going from Beaumaris in Wales to Chester, it has been on a couple of trains on its journey so far and today it spent 15 minutes  traveling along the Menai Strait on a RNLI  Lifeboat.
The Olympic Torch on the Menai Strait
True to her word Pauline arrives at 11.00 and once the Wheelchair and us are in the Taxi we are off to the Eastney Health Centre to drop of a repeat prescription for collection on Thursday and also to collect a prescription for some 1 mg Prednisolone tablets for the latest round of Tapering the dosage down.
Eastney Health centre and Doctors Surgery.
We get the prescription and then we are off down to commercial road where I need to get the banking done and then to boots the chemist to hand in the prescription for the Prednisolone, It will take 15 minutes to get ready so we go for a coffee and a Sausage roll in the precinct until the medication is ready to collect.
Boots the Chemist, Commercial Road, Portsmouth.
Once we have the Prescription and a couple of other bits from Boots the chemist we make our way over to Morrisons at the victory retail park, it is a short walk and we have t go through Sainsburys car park to get there so I wait in the Concourse to Sainsburys while Pauline goes in to see what they have in the Clothing Department.
While Pauline is in Sainsburys I sit out in the shade and read the Paper until Pauline re-appears, we then carry on across the car park and into the victory retail Park to get the shopping in Morrisons. I am feeling good today as when we were in the precinct I spent at least 45 minutes walking and pushing the wheelchair so that felt really good and Pauline has only had to push me from the precinct over to Morrisons as that was to far to walk and I felt that I needed to be sensible and not push myself to hard.
Victory Retail Park.
We are in Morrisons about an hour and then once we have finished I phone the Taxi to take us back home. once indoors we get the shopping put away and then we have a nice coffee, before pauline sorts out my laundry to take with her and then she is on her way home and I settle to get this Journal written up.
I have just checked the Local news website to find that the Portsmouth Based Destroyer HMS Diamond will officially start the nationwide Diamond Jubilee celebrations by firing a 21 Gun salute as it enters Portsmouth harbour on Friday morning.
HMS Diamond at Portsmouth Royal Navy Base.
And so that is another days Journal written and ready for Posting, it has been a busy but Enjoyable day today and I am looking forward to seeing my Son Gervase and Leanne this evening, so I will as usual leave you with the "Day in History" for the 29th May 1942 but why this happened in May I will never understand.

So until tomorrow Tatty Bye Everybody.

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