Friday, May 11, 2012

A day in the life of.......

At last he said Jumping out of bed and drawing back the curtains, he looked in amazement  into the back garden at this strange Phenomenon that was happening in front of his eyes, he thought at first he was dreaming or that he had been transported into another dimension, the strange yellow glow was slowly creeping across the bright green vegetation that was emerging from the damp, dark soil, slowly it made its way up the wooden fence separating the garden from the garden next door, "Is this perhaps an apparition of what the end of the world may be like", "No you silly sod it is called SUNSHINE" Yes folks the sun was shining today when I woke, Blue skies were all around and it was a really great feeling after a week of damp, Grey, cold and wet weather we have had over the last week or so.
Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning
Insurance Assessor
And so another day begins in Portsmouth. I had a phone call from the Insurance company Assessors, and they are visiting me on Tuesday to assess the "Leaky Roof" hopefully it is something that can be sorted easily and covered by the buildings insurance, anyway that is something that they will decide on Tuesday, My son Gervase has arranged to work from home on Tuesday so he can come round and deal with it when they let me know what time they are coming.
I have made the decision to downgrade to small flat which will make it easier for me as it will be on one level and also I will not have the worry of Maintenance etc,  I have discussed it with Gervase and he is taking control of it for me which makes it easier, also I will have a lot of help from Pauline, Gordon and also from my family in getting everything sorted. so hopefully this will happen before christmas.
Freaky Friday
Well as You probably know by now Fridays is Methotrexate day, so once Jo the carer has been I get myself some porridge for breakfast and then take the 15 mg weekly dose of Methotrexate and also the daily dose of Prednisolone and then send Pauline a text to let her know all is OK. Pauline phones back to say that they are not going to salisbury today as Gordon has a bit of an upset tummy, so they are resting at home. hopefully Gordon will soon feel better.

Smoked haddock
So now to get on the laptop and check my emails, ( How many offers to buy Viagra will I get today) and then check to see who is around on facebook, by the time I have done that and played "Words with Friends" it is time to get another coffee and watch a bit of daytime TV. {Oh what an exciting life I lead} however it is now nearly 11.30 and the morning is speeding past at a rate of knots, so I think I should really go and do the washing up from breakfast, before I watch yesterdays episode of "Little house on the prairie" and then it will be time to get lunch, which today is a nice fillet of "Smoked Haddock" cooked in butter, with a slice of Bread and butter on the side "Tasty".
That was an excellent lunch, although the haddock fillet was quite a large one still I managed to force it down "LOL" with a couple of crisp bread and a nice cup of tea, once that was eaten I watched todays episode of Doctors and then at 2.15 went to have a cat nap for an hour. At 3.15 I came back into the lounge and on the TV is the Movie "Love is a many splendored thing" from 1955 starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones. I have not seen this film and it started when I went for my cat nap so it finishes at 4.10.
Love is a many Splendored Thing 1955
So That is almost as Exciting as my day gets the weather is still very sunny here which is nice as we all know that when the weather is nice it somehow makes you feel good, well it works for me , even on the Methotrexate Friday, and it looks like it is going to stay nice over the weekend as well.
Here we are with the sunshine at 4.00 pm today.
So it is now time to get todays journal posted, and then settle down for an hour of family history research before Pointless starts at 5.15, after that it will be a roast chicken dinner and then an evening of TV. so before I sign off here for your amusement is todays "Day in History" on 11th May 1904 one of my favourite artists was born.

The Birth date of Salvador Dali
I can remember using Dali as my Project at Portsmouth University when I was doing my "Animation Course", so on that note I will say hasta la vista until tomorrow

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