Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Freaky Friday

It has come to my attention. 
It is very clear to see.
When I wake up very early.
It's because I want a pee.

Yucky Today
Good morning Boys and Girls, and another Friday creeps up when we are not looking, as most of you know today is Methotrexate day, and for those of you who did not know !well you know now!. However after a really good day yesterday with positive results from my consultant and being out for over 4 hours today I am back to normal for a friday only this time I am also suffering from over doing it yesterday, will I never learn

One thing that did make me laugh was me and Gordon had the waiting room up the hospital in stitches (excuse the pun) yesterday, I have no idea how Pauline puts up with us. Anyway it happened as me, Pauline and Gordon were sat waiting, the waiting room was pretty full and people moaning about having to wait and I said to Gordon That I did not mind waiting as I needed my Viagra Injection, Why an injection he asked, I replied that I had tried The Tablets but they gave me a stiff neck, Gordon then said he has the Liquid form of Viagra, because it means he can have a stiff drink, That brought the waiting room to life and several people said they hope we are up there next time they come as its the best entertainment they have had for a long time. Some people are easily pleased.

anyway enough of this frivolity today is a really very warm and sunny day here on the south coast as you can see from the photo taken from the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour. This was taken at 11.45 this morning. The temperature here today is 24 C.
Portsmouth Harbour 11.45 today
As you can see it is a calm sea and not a cloud in the sky and also to hot to go outside today.
Well I have just checked on the progress of the Olympic Torch Relay, it is on day 7 today and is going from Worcester to Cardiff. Here is the Torch going through Ross-on-Wye the last place in England before being carried over the border into Wales. At the moment at 12.30 it is at Abergavenny where the temperature is 27 C.
The Olympic relay torch being carried through Ross-on-Wye
My afternoon Catnap
Well it is 12.30 and I have not done very much at all today I have taken my methotrexate and my Prednisolone, Had some cornflakes for breakfast and had a Banana at 11.30 but apart from that I have done nothing at all apart from check my emails and spend time on facebook. but that is about it for me on a Friday, I will get some Chicken soup for Lunch at 1.00 and then will probably go for a lie down for an hour this afternoon before carrying on with the laptop.

Well Hydrated Today
Well that was a nice hours lie down listening to Radio Solent , and I am now sat in the back room with the back door open and there is a nice breeze blowing in so I am enjoying this, I can look out into the sunny back garden without actually being out in the sun, the one thing I have made sure of today is that I am drinking regular glasses of water to keep myself hydrated.

Putting on weight
Anyway I am now back working on the daily journal and as you can see I have not done a lot today, I had some Chicken and Mushroom soup today for lunch with a Cream cheese sandwich so that was nice and light to eat as in this heat I do not feel like eating much, which will probably please My Consultant as he did mention yesterday that I do not really want to put on anymore weight.  Do you think that was his way of telling me I am getting fat ? lol.

So It is getting near to the time where I need to get this Journal posted so that I can spend a couple of hours on Family History research, although I really need to go and get the washing up done from lunch time.
Well here Is another Picture from todays, Olympic Torch Relay this picture shows the torch being carried across the medieval Monnow bridge in Monmouth.
The Olympic Relay Torch crossing the Monnow Bridge
So there we are just about at the end of todays Journal, just one other thing and that is I was listening to Classical FM earlier this morning when I woke up and they were playing parts of the " Planet Suite" by Gustav Holst and the Day in History for today is the 78th anniversary of the death of Gustav Holst. so that is what I am going to leave you with today.
Gustav Holst 25th May 1934
so that is the end of Friday,s Daily Journal so I will say.......................


  1. For those of us living with chronic illness, we will never learn our limits for several reasons: it would mean in part we have given up trying to live our lives to the fullest, since our limits change on a daily basis, life itself is a constant learning process, so even those who are perfectly healthy never learn their limits, and well, what's the fun if we don't test those boundaries every once in awhile regardless of our health?

  2. You are correct in what you say, I need to try things on a daily basis just so I know I can still do things, What I need to do is make sure that I know my limits and adhere to them.

  3. Thank you. Learning limits is always difficult with chronic illnesses, especially when our limits change on a daily basis. I've found that the best way to learn those limits is to learn to listen to my inner self. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of focus, and a lot of patience. As easy as it is to give up before we reach our own limitations, it's also just as easy to overdo it when we're enjoying ourselves and ignore that tiny inner warning letting us know that we're about to cross the line. To this day I still find myself overdoing it, but everything is a constant learning process.