Thursday, May 10, 2012

It Never Rains but it Pours

Oh Well here we go again, the one thing I can do without is all the stress of Maintaining a 110 year old victorian Property, The time has come to look at my options and the sensible thing to do is to sell the property and buy or rent a flat so that I am on one level, as with my reduced mobility it is difficult to negotiate stairs so I am living on one level in a 3 bedroomed house. What prompted my decision, I have been thinking about it for a few months now and last night was an example of the reason why I need to move.

I had a leak in the roof last night and water was dripping through the ceiling of the rear bedroom, I sleep in the rear room on the ground level and it was the dripping that woke me up at 4.30 this morning. I managed to get up the stairs with difficulty and saw what was happening and managed to get a bowl under the leak, I phoned my son Gervase about 6.00 am , and he came round to make sure I was ok, it was not a big leak and once the rain stopped so did the leak so hopefully it was the high winds and the direction of the wind and rain that penetrated under the roof tiles,  anyway there was nothing I could do about it, I can no longer get into the loft to check it out so anyway I phoned the Insurance company and am waiting for them to assess what need doing, the surveyor will be coming round on Tuesday.
So today has been a bit of a wash out, Excuse the pun, so I am leaving the Journal for today and will resume tomorrow when I am in a better frame of Mind.

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