Monday, May 14, 2012

A poetic Excursion.

White fluffy clouds in skies of blue.
I look aloft, and think of you.

I look across, the solent blue.
the Isle of wight, where I met you.

I sit and gaze, and then I sigh
A Seagull just Pooped in my eye.

And a very good morning to you all today, another bright day begins although the weather forecast today is for rain later on this morning. however here is what Portsmouth looked like at 7.50 this morning when I rose from my bed.

Portsmouth at 7.50 this Morning.
Jo is late today
So what is on the agenda today. well first and foremost it is the morning coffee followed by the breakfast news on BBC 1 TV. Not much changes in the news these days the state of the National health service in the UK is making the headlines again from care in hospital to care at home.Well the time is 9.30 and no sign of Jo my carer yet, I phone the office and apparently she has an emergency with the client she goes to before me so she will be late today, that is not a problem to me but it would have been nice if the Agency had let me know.

Ready for the day ahead
So While I am waiting for Jo, I go and get some breakfast and then settle down with the laptop to check the emails and also see who is about on facebook and play a few games of "Words with Friends" it certainly is an exciting life here in Portsmouth. Jo arrives about 10.00 so that is Ok anyway I make her a cup of tea, and she then gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead.

Once Jo has left I make another coffee and then settle down to a couple of hours of Family History Research before thinking about lunch at 1.00 pm. Well lunch came and went, I had a nice Smoked haddock fillet for lunch, which went down a treat with a couple of crisp bread and a nice hot cup of tea, so now for an afternoon of writing up todays daily journal and watching some TV. The weather has taken a turn for the worst and as forecast it is damp, grey and murky this afternoon, hopefully it will pass later this evening.
Portsmouth at 2.30 this afternoon
 So as you can see from the above photo, it is quite a change from the sunshine this morning, oh well just hope summer comes along soon.

No Fluffy clouds, No sky of blue.
I sit indoors, What will I do.

No view across the solent now.
A worried look upon my brow.

I now sit below a roof, not sky
And still that bird  pooped in my eye.

How did that happen then ?

Rushing Around
Sorry about that it just goes to show that when the weather is worse, so am I "LOL" anyway this is about all that is happening today, at least the rest of the week should prove to be more interesting, tomorrow the Insurance assessor will be coming and also Pauline and Gervase will be round, Wednesday the Heating Boiler Yearly Service will be done and Thursday Pauline will be round again for shopping and Friday will be Methotrexate the rest of the week we will probably be rushing around all over the place.

so The question you are all asking is what is todays "day in History" ? well, I will keep you in suspense no longer IT IS...................

So with that Literary gem I will be..................
so Until tomorrow "Squelch. Squelch, Squelch.

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