Thursday, May 24, 2012

A hospital visit today.

And another bright and sunny day begins here on the South Coast, todays Journal will be a short one as it has been a busy day today as I had my appointment with my consultant at the Queen Alexander hospital. so once I had been washed and Groomed by Jo my carer this morning and had eaten breakfast and phoned Pauline there was just time to check the emails and facebook and to check the progress of the Olympic Torch Relay before It was time to get dressed and gather up everything ready for my appointment with Dr Gibb.
Olympic Relay Torch in front of Gloucester Cathedral.
Today is Day 6 of the Olympic torch Relay from Gloucester to Worcester here the torch is Passing through the grounds of Gloucester Cathedral. Pauline phones to say she and Gordon are leaving at 10.50 to collect me and then we are of up to the hospital for the 11.45 appointment.
Queen Alexandra Hospital.
 Once at the QA Hospital we sit outside in the sun for 10 min,s and then go into the waiting room. My appointment is for 11.45 and it is 12.30 when Dr gibb calls me in.
It was a good Visit, I am going to taper my Prednisolone down from 5 mg/15 mg alternative days to 2.5 mg/15 mg Alternative days for 4 weeks and then down to 15 mg on alternative days. Dr gibb is pleased with the way I am progressing with the swallowing, all my 3 weekly blood tests have been coming back ok so I am going to 6 weekly blood tests. and he will see me again in 4 Months time. as far ass the Foggy feeling in the head is concerned he said it is not any tying to worry about just annoying and that it should go as the Prednisolone drops. He has been a good Neurologist so far so will go with what he says, He also said that the Cardiologist is not overly concerned with the erratic heart beats as they are both sure it is down to the weakness in the muscles around the  heart and chest areas. The 15 mg of Methotrexate on a friday and the 5 mg of Folic acid on a monday stays the same as does the two Calcichew D3 Daily. so all in all a good positive visit and although I still have a lot of Muscle weakness in the legs which reduces my Mobility he is hopeful that it will improve when he feels it is time to arrange Physio Therapy.
Portsdown hill Overlooking Portsmouth
One out of the hospital we drove up on to Portsdown Hill where we could get a burger and coffee from the burger van and sat there overlooking the panoramic views of Portsmouth. after that we drove into Portsmouth to Visit Pauline,s Sister Janet and Brother in law Fred as it is Janet,s birthday today. We had a coffee with them and then They took me back home, we got home about 3.15 so it has been a good day but Tiring, so I will cut this Journal short as I need to have a rest and then think about dinner as Gervase will be round to see me this evening on his way home from work. so I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow and go and have a Nap.

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  1. Sounds like a really good outcome Frank; I suspect when we see my Specialist on Monday we may begin to taper, I don't get the foggy feeling but I am crankier so I have heard about "Roid Rage" and wonder if the steroid may be partly responsible or is the world that much stupider???
    My GP says it all depends on my CK level, but he will test for that after the visit so not sure how that works out.