Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dank, Dreary and Dismal

Good morning people and welcome to a Dank, Dreary and Dismal Bank holiday Sunday.

Is the weather going to improve, not according to the Met office, in fact it looks like it is going to deteriorate over the next couple of days so i think spring is passing us by this year.
Portsmouth at 8.50 today
Need my Coffee.
Here we can see how Portsmouth is looking today at 8.50 am. On a brighter note, I had a really good nights sleep again last night, watched a film on TV until 11.30 and once in bed slept through until 6.30 this morning so that was good.
I got out of bed at 7.30 and made my obligatory coffee, and took into the lounge to watch the morning news on TV and await Jo the carer who is nice and early today and arrives at 8.30.

Still No Go
Well Jo gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way, it does not take long for her to get me washed, Most of my personal care I can manage myself, it is just the area above my shoulders that I have difficulty with. Washing my face and neck, hair washing and combing are the areas I cannot manage at the moment due to the fact I find it very difficult to get my hand and arms up high enough although there is some improvement so live in hope.

Once Jo has gone I get some breakfast and then send Pauline a text to let her know all is OK here and then make another coffee and settle down to watch the Andrew Marr show on BBC 1. It is all about the Local Election results this week and how the tory,s lost so many Local council seats. a very interesting debate today.

Well the time is marching on and it is now 11.22, do not know where the time has gone today, After the Andrew Marr show I went and got dressed and then checked out the emails and facebook and at 11.00  o'clock I had a phone call from my son Gervase to say he will be round between 1.00 and 2.00 pm to take me down to morrisons to get some shopping, so will have to make sure I have an early lunch today.

I do not know what to have for lunch today, it will probably be some nice chunky vegetable soup today, that will be quick and easy to do with minimum washing up afterwards, anyway I will wait until 12.30 before I make a final decision.
Well the final decision was made and it was "Cream of chicken soup that ended up in my lunch bowl today, and very nice it was to, Once lunch was finished I got changed ready for when Gervase got here.

Gervase arrives about 1.30 and I am all ready so he gets the wheelchair into the car and off we go to Morrison,s, the traffic is busy today and so is Morrisons when we get there, however I have not got a lot to get so it does not take long to get what we need and then we are heading back home and drive along the sea front. It is a shame about the weather, as there are a lot of events going on in Southsea today but not many people around.
Southsea Sea Front
 Once back home, we get the shopping put away and then I make a nice coffee we have a chat and then Gervase makes his way home to Leanne and I settle down with the TV and the Laptop to get this journal written for today and get it posted before starting dinner at 5.30 having a nice Chicken, Bacon and Pasta Bake tonight.

Before I say goodbye for today I will leave you with todays "Day in History" for the 6th of May 1889.
A Day in History
And so until tomorrow "Good Bye"

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