Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It is All happening today.

Well where do I start, probably best to skip through all the early morning bits and pieces as they are the same everyday and move on to the better things about today. What a great start to Tuesday, A really Warm sunny Morning and it is only 10.00 am, Pauline is coming at 11.00 so that we can go down to the City Centre and get the shopping, Also it is the 4th day of the Olympic Torch Relay, and Chelsea Flower show starts today so lots happening. We will start with a Photo taken by Myself this morning showing how nice the weather is here on the South Coast Today.
Taken at 10.00 am this Morning.
The sky is really blue with not a cloud in sight so long may it stay like this, they are predicting Temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius later on this afternoon, however while I am waiting for Pauline to arrive I check on line to see how the Olympic relay is progressing.
The Route for the relay is from Taunton to Bristol. Part of the journey is made by Canal boat along the river Tone through Taunton.
Olympic Torch relay on the canal boat along the river Tone

Pauline arrives just after 11.00 and we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go, The Driver drops us off at the Precinct in the city centre,  Pauline needs to get some bits and pieces for Misty, There is a story to tell here but that will have to wait a while longer, we get what Pauline wants for Misty, and some food for Charlie the Cat and then we are off out into the Precinct to get to the Bank.
The Precinct 

Once we have got the bank business completed we make our way along to The card shop and then stop at the Expresso bar cafe for a pasty and a coffee for lunch before going into Argos as I need to pay my argos account, Surprise Surprise, you cannot pay your argos account at the Argos store ???.
Argos store at Commercial Road Portsmouth City Centre

Oh Well no wonder Home Retail Group are having falling profits, another store that I will not buy from again, No Customer Service = No Custom from me. so we are now off to Morrisons to get the shopping, it is a bit of a walk to get there but it is a nice day so we go via Sainsburys so that we can use the Disabled toilet on the way.
Going through the Sainsburys Car Park.
Well we reach the New morrison,s store in the victory retail park, there is not a lot of cars in the car park so it will not be very busy inside, so it should be easy to get around, and get the shopping that we need to get, I must remember to shop to take me through until Gervase takes me out on Sunday, as we will not be going shopping on Thursday this week as I have my appointment up at the Hospital with my Neurologist.
Victory Retail Park Car Park.
Guess Who?
and Now the story about pauline will be revealed, Once we are outside of morrisons I phone for the Taxi, and when it arrives I get out the wheelchair and into the Taxi while the driver and pauline put the shopping and wheelchair into the Taxi well on the wheelchair is a packet of "Dog Treat,s" horror, horror "has Pauline been Shoplifting Doggy Biscuits", anyway once home we check the receipt from the shop and this pkt of treats is not on the bill, It must have fallen down off my lap in the store and we had not noticed it as I was holding the purchases on my lap, anyway when we go down next week we will go and pay for them.

Anyway once back home we get the shopping put away and then have a nice coffee and then Pauline is on her way home with her Ill Gotten Gains LOL.

The Chelsea Flower show opened today and I do like watching it on TV to see all the Flower and Garden Displays, it is a big yearly event in London, and is always well attended and has good TV Coverage.
RHS Chelsea.
Anyway it is now getting near 5.50 and dinner will be ready for 6.10 so I must really think about getting this Journal Posted but one thing you must see is the Crowd gathered today at "Wells Cathedral" to welcome the Olympic torch relay earlier today as it makes its way to Bristol.
The Crowd at Wells Cathedral waiting for the Olympic Torch relay
so that is about it for today, I am running out of time, so I will leave you with todays "Day in History" for the 22nd May 1813 and will be back tomorrow with a more organized edition.
Richard Wagner. (Composer)

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  1. WOW cutting your own toenails, I can now do both my hands, the finger-nails but still not the toes, but I can get my socks on and off, so next stop toenails!
    Isn't it funny how exciting these new achievements are,my mouth has gone from being super dry to me having to watch I don't dribble; which is a very dubious improvement. LOL