Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The boiler man cometh.

Time to Rise and Shine
Good morning and welcome to another edition of my daily journal, Last night was another decent nights sleep, but woke at 4.30 to go to the bathroom and then dozed off again and woke at 6.30, decided to lie in bed with the TV News on until 7.45 when I decided to drag myself into the kitchen to make a coffee and then into the lounge for when Jo the carer comes.
The one pleasing aspect of this morning is that the sun is shining for a change, although I do not think that it is going to be that nice a day as it is still very chilly for the time of the year, normally the temperature this time of the year is slightly higher, but looking at the weather forecast for the next 5 days, it looks like it is not going to improve much.
The illustration to the left is for the next 5 days as issued by the Meteorological office. it looks a bit dismal really, anyway Jo arrives at 8.40 and is full of beans today as she finishes at 10.00 this morning and then she is going with her dad to pick up his new car. she soon has me washed and groomed and then she is on her way and I go and get myself some wheatabix for breakfast.
Boiler Engineer.
I just get settled with my Breakfast and I get a phone call from the Heating boiler Engineer to say he will be round in about 10 minutes to carry out the yearly service, so I have to finish breakfast and then get dressed and just finish that when he is at the door. Anyway He is a pleasant chap and gets on with the service and I text Pauline to let her know he is here and all is Ok.

Well the Boiler Engineer was here for about 30 minutes so that is the service done for another year, no problems so that is OK so
now I am going to make another coffee and settle down to watch an episode of "Little house on the prairie" before going on line to check the emails and facebook.

Parish Records
The weather is starting to cloud over now and the sun is starting to disappear behind the clouds and it is only 11.00 so it is time to wash up the breakfast things and then get on with some family history research, I am going through the "Parish Records" Surrey to see if I can trace further back with my Maternal Ancestors. I am back as far as 1750 on my Maternal Grandfathers Line but only back to 1803 on my Maternal Grandmothers line.
Cat Nap
The Time is now pressing on and it is now 1.30, so time for some lunch and then I will go for a cat nap for an hour, I have a "Feasters Cheese burger" for lunch, but did not enjoy it so not ready for that type of food yet, anyway I go for a lie down for an hour and then make a coffee as it is now 3.00 and time to get todays journal written and posted.

Well before I get this finished and Posted I have done todays "Date in History" Today it is the Birth of "Richard Tauber" the opera singer and Film star born in Austria on the 16th May 1891. This is special to me as he was my Mothers favourite singer, she loved to hear him singing "you are my Hearts Delight" sadly mum passed away in 2005 at the age of 92 ironically on the 16th of May.

So there we are then folks, another busy day over with, tomorrow is shopping down town with Pauline and then friday will be a day of rest. so until tomorrow I will leave you with a Photo of portsmouth at 4.00 pm today so until tomorrow Tatty bye.

Portsmouth Today at 4.00 pm.

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