Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Glorious Day.

ooh Bacon
I am sitting here in my back room with the door open, and looking out into a very sunny back garden. it is 10.30 already this morning and apart from the carer getting me washed and groomed and making myself a bacon sandwich for breakfast I have done nothing. It is a very lazy day for me today.

My Back garden at 10.30 this morning
The reason I sit indoors rather than outside is that the rear of the house is South facing and it is a real sun trap all day long, if I sit outside i just get so hot and red that it is not worth the hassle.  The one thing I have noticed today is that the butterfly,s are around the bushes. It will not be long before the flowers will start to bloom, so I need to start getting my Planters planted up ready.

I am sat out here with the laptop and have just checked the Olympic torch relay, today is day 5 out of 70. Today the torch is going from Nailsea Bristol to Cheltenham. The highlight of the Morning was when the torch relay crossed the Clifton Suspension Bridge over the River Avon, with the fireworks being set of as the runner crossed.
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol
Due to safety reasons the public were not allowed on to the bridge as the torch crossed but they found many good vantage points around the bridge to watch the crossing from.
Many Vantage points around Clifton Suspension Bridge
A Tasty Banana
Well so far this morning I have spent most of it sat here by the open door writing this journal, apart from regular excursions out into the garden and back. The temperature in the back room with the door open is 70⁰F and out in the back yard it is over 90⁰F far to hot for me, so just had a nice cool drink and a Banana. For some reason I have developed a taste for Banana,s Just hope it is a phase I am going through and that I am not Pregnant lol.

Today is the Second day of the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, One of the special Gardens is the Arthritis Research UK Garden to mark its 75th Anniversary.
Arthritis Research UK Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.
 This garden won a Silver-Gilt Medal, so a good result for the Arthritis Research UK Society. Well it is now approaching 11.50 so soon be time to think about Lunch, so before then I am going to go and watch yesterdays recording of little house on the prairie, then lunch at 1.00 and a cat nap at 1.30 so that is the next couple of hours planned out.
Dinner Tonight.
So it is now 3.15 and I am back on the laptop to get this Journal finished and Posted before settling down to an evening of Family history research, I had a nice piece of smoked haddock for lunch and tonight for dinner it will be roast chicken breast with Jersey royal potato,s and 2 veg, so tasty meals today.

So Before i sign off for today I will go and check on how the Olympic torch relay is progressing through Wiltshire and Gloucestershire today . The Photo below shows the Olympic Relay Torch making its way through Calne in Wiltshire
The Torch making its way through Calne in Wiltshire
The crowds are still coming out in force to cheer the runners through the City,s Town,s and Villages, Olympic fever seems to have caught on in a big way here in the UK.
So this is about it for today, I have a busy day ahead tomorrow as I have my 3 monthly appointment up at the Queen Alexander Hospital with my Neurologist Dr Gibb, so I will say tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays date in History from Canada.

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  1. Have you considered having a screened in porch built so that you can enjoy being outside in the fresh air, but out of the sun and able to stay cool? It's almost ironic that you're following the Olympic torch run and posting pictures near your home while I'm following the Special Olympic torch run on the East Coast near my home. It's supposed to come near me either this weekend or next weekend according to local municipalities. And bananas are good for the heart and muscle cramps (to a everything else, too much is a good thing), but bacon isn't exactly the healthiest.