Monday, May 7, 2012

Rain Rain Go away.

Rain Rain Go Away, Come again another Day. This is an English Language nursery rhyme dating from around the 17th Century, It is as  relevant today as it was then.
Portsmouth at 12.00 today
So from the literary introduction above you can guess that it is raining again here in Portsmouth, but at least I have not got to go out in this weather but some sunshine would be nice so I could spend some time in the back Garden getting some plant pots sorted out and planted up, as the rate it is going at the moment summer will be over before its started, and the Irony is we are still in a drought situation here on the South Coast.

A Drought Situation among the Mist and Rain.
Todays Breakfast.
So not a bad nights sleep last night, woke at 5.30 and lazed in bed dozing until 7.45 when I went into the lounge with my morning coffee and watched the Breakfast News until Jo the carer arrives at about 8.40. She only has one more client after me , and so she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way, while I go and get some Special K and a Banana for Breakfast.

Once breakfast is over I get dressed and Text Pauline, Pauline phones back about 10.15. her and Gordon were out on the common with Misty when she got my text, and she is saying how damp and dismal it is today. anyway I now get on with checking my e-mails and Facebook and then decide to watch a movie on the "Sony Movies Channel" The Movie is "Desperately Seeking Susan" with Madonna, which finishes at 1.20 and that is when I will get some lunch.
Movie today "Desperately Seeking Susan"
Well that was an interesting movie, anyway it is now 1.30 and time to get some lunch. Today I am going to open a tin of Minted Lamb Big Soup and have that with a couple of crisp bread, so I will enjoy that and then it will be time for a short nap before completing todays Journal. Well that was a nice lunch, I have had a lie down and cat nap for 2 hours and now it is 4.00 o'clock. 

Well it has been another day of doing Nothing, but at least the sun has now come out and the skies are blue so a bit of a respite from the rain. the trouble with this wet weather is that it makes everyone feel so depressed, anyway just to cheer you all up I have just captured the photo from the live webcam at Portsmouth harbour.

Portsmouth at 4.00 pm today
so there we are then, I have just phoned and spoke to my cousin Michael in Fareham, as we have not spoken for a few week,s he lives just down the road from my brother Pat,  and hopefully once the weather gets better we will be able to have another family get together over in Fareham, That is if we get a summer this year 
Pat           and          Mike
So Just to keep you all educated here is todays "A day in History"  Today is the anniversary of the end of the Siege of Orleans by Joan of Arc in 1429.

Joan of arc 1429
Well this is the end of Todays Journal, it has been a good day and I am going to have to think about dinner soon as it is now just turned 5.00. I am having a sea bass fillet that I got from morrisons Yesterday so that will be tasty with new potatoes and a Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese bake. Any way I will now say Tatty Bye until Tomorrow Shopping Edition of my Daily Journal.

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