Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another dull Sunday.

Don't panic Frankie.
Good morning people and welcome to another dreary sunday here on the south coast of the UK, well I must say that last night was another hot and miss affair with the sleeping, went to bed at 11.00 took about an hour or so to get off to sleep, Woke about 6.00 am and then went back to sleep and woke again at 8.15, Panic stations then as Jo the carer comes between 8.30 and 9.00 so mad rush to get a coffee and into the lounge ready for Jo. Lucky I got a move on as Jo arrives just after 8.30 anyway she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way, while I get another coffee and some breakfast.

So it is Day two of the olympic torch relay. Today it is covering the route between Plymouth and Exeter, in south Devon. At 9.30 this morning it was passing through the small town of "Modbury" in south devon, A large crowd had gathered and the Church bells were ringing out as the Torch passed through. The whole street was adorned with Flags and bunting.

Modbury South Devon
Well it looks like the weather forecasters at the meteorological office has got it wrong again regarding the weather and "sunshine today" so I thought I would grab a picture from the Live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour and this shows how dull and cloudy it is here today, it also explains why we have no Sunshine today either.

Portsmouth Harbour at 11.10 this Morning.
Go gordon Go
Anyway regardless of all that once i had finished breakfast I sent the morning text to Pauline, she phoned back to say that they her and Gordon, slept well last night as they had been out on the Cycles along the sea front yesterday evening and I think it tired them both out, Mind you it was probably a sight for sore eyes to see Gordon on a Push bike.
Well it all seems to be happening today, Gervase phoned earlier to say that he may be late coming round to see me as they have to take one of the cats to the vets as it has a bit of a problem, anyhow he phoned just now to say that the vet did blood tests and it looks like they may have to have the cat put down as it seems it may have an incurable tumor. 
So he is going to pop round and see me for a few minutes later on this afternoon and will have to arrange to have tomorrow off work to take the cat back to the vets.

Well not much on the TV this afternoon at the Moment I am getting this journal written and also there is a film on the TV called " Doomsday Prophecy" starring A J Buckley, a 2011 Made for TV Movie. I have no idea what it is about as I am not really watching it, the one thing I do know is that it is not as entertaining as " Ice age 2 The Meltdown" that I watched last night.
Doomsday Prophecy 2011 made for TV Movie

Ice Age 2 The meltdown ( watched last Night )
Well the time is now getting on, lunch today was a nice bowl of Heinz Chicken and Chunky vegetable Big soup along with a couple of Crisp bread, it went down a treat so I enjoyed that. anyway it is now 3.00 and it is nearly time to watch an episode of Diagnosis Murder which is just starting on Alibi. so I will have to say tatty bye until tomorrow
The olympic torch relay is now in Paignton Devon at 3.11 pm.

Paignton South Devon

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