Saturday, May 12, 2012

Its a special day today.

The Sun'll come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar
That Tomorrow
There'll be sun
And so the lyrics from the Show "Annie" goes and at the moment it is proving to be correct so far today, Woke this morning to another day of bright Sunshine. Which is really great as today is a Special Day.

Portsmouth 8.00 this Morning
Not only is Today in 1820 that Florence Nightingale was born, or that in 1812 Edward Lear was born, but on the 12th of May 1981 My Son Gervase was Born. So a very Happy 31st Birthday to Gervase, and just to say I am Proud of you and I know that your Mum will be looking down and wishing you a happy birthday as well.

Gervase is 31 Today
Once Jo the carer had been and gone I went and got breakfast, Today I am having a Sausage and Bacon Bap. I have not had anything like this for 18 months or more due to the Dysphagia, but I am eating more and more solid food over the last few weeks so saw one of these in Asda on Thursday so thought I would treat myself for the weekend, and it was very enjoyable and makes a change from Cereal every morning. although not as healthy so must limit myself to 1 a week on a weekend as a treat,.
Half Pint from
Little House on the Prairie
Once Breakfast was over I go and get dressed and then Speak to Pauline, Gordon is feeling a little better today and Pauline is OK and they are just off out to take Misty for her morning walk on the common, I then phone Gervase and wish him a Happy Birthday and after that it is time to get the laptop fired up and check my emails and also see who is around on Facebook. After that it is time for another coffee and get the washing up done from breakfast,  The time is getting on and it is now approaching 11.35 so I am going to watch yesterdays recording of "Little House on the Prairie" before lunch at 1.00 pm.
Well got lunch at 1.00, did not know what to have so rummaged through the kitchen cupboard and decided on sardines with a couple of crisp bread. I had a tin of "Boneless Sardine fillets in the cupboard and they were very tasty so that was OK, also had a packet of crisps as well. so now I am watching some old repeats of " Last of the summer wine " on the UK Gold TV channel. they are as funny now as they were when the series was made. There were 31 series made between 1973 and 2010.

Last of the Summer wine.
The time now is 2.00 pm and it is time to go for a cat nap for an hour I think, I have got a bit of a sore shoulder today, think I must have pulled it yesterday when I dozed off in the armchair yesterday evening, hopefully it will ease off over the next day or two, it certainly has eased a bit today. The other thing worth mentioning is that it is 12 months ago that I packed up Smoking, It was when I was in Hospital last year for 4 weeks, I could not smoke and when I came home on the 25th May last year I didn't start smoking again.

Twelve months without a cigarette Yahooooooo
Just had a cat nap for an hour and now I need to get this Daily Journal done for Today, As  the title says it is a special day today for more than one reason, the main reason is that it is my son,s 31st Birthday, also it is a year ago that I stopped Smoking,  also the Sun is shining and that makes it special, and also today is the 192nd Anniversary of the Birth of Florence Nightingale (One fact is that Gervase and also Pauline and Gordon live in Nightingale Road)

Today in History
So as it is now 3.30 I will get this Journal posted and then I will get back to Some family History research for the rest of the afternoon before getting dinner at 6.00 so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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