Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where did the week go.

Well here we are again another Saturday is upon us, it makes you wonder where the days are going too, as the weeks pass so fast these days, anyway the weather again is very sunny this morning, as you can see from the live webcam photo taken at 8.00 am.
Portsmouth at 7.55 this Morning.
It was a stop and start kind of night last night, "I would stop sleeping and start Passing Wind" the one thing you can always depend on with Myositis and that is that life is never boring. anyway enough about the interesting aspect of my life lets get on to the boring bits. Although the weather is not to bad here on the South Coast, as compared to other parts of the country, it has been very cold and I have had to have the central heating on the last couple of days, although I do turn it off at night, but it dries out the air, and so at the moment I have got a sore throat, which I think pleases the neighbour,s as it stops me singing in the kitchen.

However as I said it was a bit of a restless night but anyway I am up and in the lounge with a coffee and watching the morning news on TV. 
Jo my new carer turns up at 8.30 it does not seem like a week has passed since she took over from the other carer, anyway we seem to get on OK, we always have a nice chat in the morning and she soon get me washed and groomed and is then on her way to the next client 
Once Jo has Gone I get some wheatabix for breakfast and then text Pauline, then it is a morning on the laptop with checking E-Mails, Facebook, Family History and Graphic Design, A busy life indeed.
Time pushes on and it is soon 10.30, I check the Live webcam at Portsmouth harbour as it is getting some very heavy cloud overhead, it is amazing how quickly the weather has changed since 8.00 am as you can see from the photo below.
Portsmouth at 10.30 this morning.

Just as I go to make a coffee there is a knock on the front door and it is a couple of lady's from the Jehovah Witnesses delivering the latest Edition of the "Watchtower Magazine" They are very pleasant and we exchange greetings and they are on there way, so now to make a coffee and watch a little TV before lunch at 1.00 but first must get the washing up done from Breakfast.

At 1.00 pm I get some lunch of Chicken soup and a couple of crisp bread with cream cheese and a nice cup of tea, it goes down well and then it is time for a lie down until 2.30 when I restart the laptop to get this Journal written and posted.
There is a Soccer match on over at Fratton Park today, with the kick off at 3.00 pm. it is a crucial match for pompey as if we lose this match then we are relegated from the championship to the first Division of English Football, so I am going to Listen to it on the Radio. 
The Good times at Fratton Park.
well it is now 2.50 and it has just started to rain so not good for the football, it has got so dark outside I have had to put the room lights on. Anyway time to go and make a coffee before the Football starts and put on the Radio, so until tomorrow I will say...............

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