Monday, April 23, 2012

The Dragon Slayer

St George,s day in England April 23 rd. 
Hello again People and Welcome to my St George,s day edition of my Daily Journal, I must say that the weather today is not very nice as it is grey skies and Rain,Rain,Rain and apparently this is due to be the norm for this week.
1982 ZX Spectrum
Anyway today is St George,s day in England,  St George,s day is celebrated on the 23rd of April which is the accepted date of his death in AD 303. St George is the Patron saint of England. As well as St George,s day, today is also the 30 th anniversary of the "ZX Spectrum".

Good nights sleep last night
I had a really good nights sleep last night (Not before time) and had a really good day yesterday, and feel ok so far today, I got some "Nytol Herbal" yesterday to try and help with my sleeplessness but am reluctant to take any unless it is absolutely necessary, I did not take any last night, so do not know if it was the knowledge that I had it there in case that I had a good nights sleep or that It was going out shopping with Gervase and having a good day that allowed me to sleep, anyway I have some there now if needed but at £4.00 a time I wont be using them much.

it is now getting on for 11.00 O'Clock and the rain is still around, although it is not heavy it is continuous, poor Jo the carer was drenched this morning when she came at 8.30, so I put her coat on the radiator while she was here getting me washed and groomed and made her a hot drink before she left for her next client, I took a photo of the street this morning at 10.30 showing how wet and dismal it is here today.
A Rainy monday Morning here today.

William Shakespear
Looking at the photograph you may notice the block of newer houses here. these are built on one of the many "Bomb sites" from the Blitz during World war 2. The original houses were like the ones you can see further away down the road, and were built in 1901, the newer houses were built in the 1970,s.

One of the other Events being celebrated this month and also this day is the 396th Anniversary of the death of William Shakespear. Shakespear died on the 23rd april 1616. there are many events taking place at theatre,s up and down the country over the coming months.

So it is an interesting day today I am going to try and get some more Family history research done today if I can for an hour or so until 1.00  when it will be time to get some lunch. I am not sure what to have for lunch today but as the weather is cold and damp I will probably have some chicken soup with a couple of crisp bread or a slice of toast.

Chicken Soup for lunch today
Well if that was lunch, roll on dinner,  seriously that was very tasty and went down a treat, in the end I had the chicken soup with a slice of toast, followed by a "Chocolate Custard pot" !! Ummmmmmm Chocolate !!, anyway it is now 2.20 By now Pauline should be in with her Physio, She had the appointment at St Mary,s for 2.00 pm, Gordon has taken her so hopefully they will get to find out what the actual problem is with her knee, it may be that she needs to have it strapped up for a while until the swelling goes down, I am glad she is having treatment for it though.

NHS Knee Clinic
So we are now approaching 3.00 pm and I have done very little today, apart from a couple of hours on family History research and working on this journal, the rest of the time has been watching old sit coms on TV ie "One foot in the grave" and "Dinner Ladies" so a nice relaxing day after a relatively busy day yesterday, still not a bad thing really given the weather today, it has not stopped raining since 7.30 this morning.
Well that is about it for today, I will get this Journal finished and posted and then get the washing up done from lunch and make a coffee before Pointless Starts. so I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with a scene from Shakespear,s Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet William Shakespear 1564-1616


  1. Knee getting a bit better and doing the exercises the Physio gave me( that's a laugh on it's own !!)Don't like taking the tablets but guess needs be ( joke there ? knee ! ) Mind you it doesn't help in Supermarket with Frank spinning around in his wheelchair & running into me whilst trying to get stuff off the shelves !! Think I'll let him push me in future ! Pauline

  2. Like the Joke, you are getting better at them (Sometimes) Need to move faster to avoid me.

    1. You wait til my knee gets better x