Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Dismal Tuesday for shopping.

Oh well so that was Summer for this year then, at least that is what it seems like as today the weather is Grey, Wet and windy, "Just like me really". so what is going to be the highlight of my day today, After getting up after a decent nights sleep I carry out my usual routine, and then settle down to the laptop to check out face book and catch up on my facebook Games, Oh what an exciting life we lead.

A Damp Day Today

Anyway, today is Tuesday and that means a day down the city centre shopping with Pauline, I spoke with Pauline on the Phone earlier and her and Gordon will be round about 11.00 so that Pauline and I can get a taxi down to the city centre and Gordon will do the flat cleaning for me while we are out shopping. anyway at about 10.30 I get the laptop put away and get Washed, Shaved and Dressed ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive.

Well once I am all washed and Groomed ready to go out I listen to the local radio until Pauline and Gordon arrive at about 11.15. so Gordon and pauline come in. Pauline has brought my clean laundry back with her so we put that on the bed and then I phone a taxi to take us down to the city centre.
Pauline with my Clean and ironed Laundry
Once we are in the taxi we are off down to the city centre, the weather is still very dismal and the rain is still coming and going and the breeze is a bit chilly, anyway we have not got to get very much out today so we get the taxi ti drop us off at the rear of "Wilkinsons" as Pauline needs to get some food for Charlie the cat and some treats for Misty, and I need some floor cloths and bleach
Food For Charlie the cat
And Treats for Misty.
once we have what we want at Wilkinsons we then make our way to the Nationwide and then over to Marks and Spencer as Pauline needs to take an item back and check out some other items so I wait down in the cascade aisle for her, Once Pauline has finished we then make our way over to Tesco where we have a coffee before getting a few bits of shopping and then going to the checkout to pay for them
At the Checkout 
my legs have been giving me trouble today so although I have walked pushing the wheelchair for a bit today Pauline has been pushing me in the wheelchair since she came out of Marks & Spencer.
Thank You Pauline
Once we are out of Tesco, I phone gordon to sat that we are just going to get a taxi Home, so he will get the coffee made and we will bring some Sausage rolls from Gregg,s Home for Lunch, and gordon has got the flat cleaning completed. So I phone for a taxi and then we are on our way home.
Ooop,s Nice Cleaning Gordon
Once home we get the shopping put away and have a chat while having a coffee and a Sausage roll, after that Pauline gets by dirty laundry al bagged up and then her and Gordon make there way home, it is now 2.45, so I make another coffee and then get this Journal started, the weather is still really miserable.
Pauline doing my Laundry. 
well that was it for today, the time is now almost 4.30 and I need to get the Journal Posted and then make a cup of Peppermint tea and then it will be time for Pointless before getting tea and spending a couple of hours this evening with Gervase and leanne, so until tomorrow I will say cheerio from a very damp and Dismal South Coast of the UK.

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