Saturday, June 1, 2013

Has Summer arrived at Last ?

Well at least the Sun is shining, the Sky is Blue and it is a lot warmer today so hope it stays like it for the next couple of days at least.

well at least the next 5 days look promising according to the forecast by the Meteorological office

Well another good nights sleep last night, thanks to co-codamol, I left pain killer,s alone yesterday but decided to take a couple of co-codamol before I went to bed as this does help me to get a good nights sleep and I slept through from 11.30 until 8.15 this morning so pleased about that and as I take my 10 Mg of Prednisolone today it has taken the edge of the aches in the leg muscles so that is better. hopefully I will not need anything tonight  when I go to bed and I may only need co-codamol on the days I do not take the Prednisolone, anyway I will need to run that through my Doctor sometime next week.

Got my paper "Oops"
I text Pauline once I was up this morning , and then got some porridge for breakfast, before Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok with her and Gordon and that they will be taking Misty out for her walk, later on in the morning, I then go and get my Morning paper round at the Tesco Express. It is a nice warm day today so enjoyed the slow walk round and back, once indoors I settle down to read the paper before catching up on Facebook, and checking the emails. Caught up with Dave Woods blog today as well, he has a very interesting post today of Historical events that took place this weekend, Dave,s blog is always worth a read as I find it b=very Interesting and also Helpful as well, Mind you it could be that I am just Nosey, anyway you can find Dave,s blog  at:

Well once I have caught up on facebook and blogs etc I go and get a coffee and then settle down to watch an old episode of "To the Manor Born" on the Gold channel, this is an old sit com from 1979 - 1981 starring Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles
To the manor Born 1979 - 1981
While I am watching this the commercial break came on and there was an advert from one of these "Pay Day Loan Company,s" what caught my attention was the Interest rate '"APR"  it was 1058% how on earth is that legal to charge people that kind of interest, I know that people have the option to refuse but there are many people in this country that cannot get credit through the banks and this is a last resort. but on a £100 loan paid back in full at the end of the month you would pay back £188.17 on a rate of 1058% APR if you paid it back over 12 months the total you would pay back would be £88.12 per month for 12 months = a total repayment on a £100 loan over 12 months would be £1057.28 How can that be Legal ? and believe it or not this is one of the better ones, I have seen APR of up to 4414% quoted.

Oh well rant over for the day, I decide to have a roast chicken joint with cauliflower cheese and Potato for lunch today so get that at 1.00 and then I can settle down to watch some TV and have a cat nap for an hour, anyway Gordon sends me a photo of Pauline and Misty while they are out along the Seafront this Morning, it is a super Photo of Pauline, And Pauline went to have her blood pressure checked again yesterday evening as it was high last week and she has been on Blood Pressure tablets, well the good news is , it is back down to normal so that is good, anyway here is the Photo that Gordon sent
so say Hello to Pauline and Misty.
Pauline and Misty
Well I enjoyed lunch and then had a lie down until 3.00 when I got up and came into the lounge with a coffee and settled down to watch a film and to get todays Journal written, as you can see I have done very little today but my legs do not ache as much today which I am convinced is down to the fact that today is the alternate day that I take the 10 mg of Prednisolone. anyway the film I am watching is a very good film made in 2007 called "August Rush" starring "Keri Russell" and "Freddie Highmore"
"August Rush 2007"
well I seem to be running a bit late today with this Journal as I have been to engrossed in the film it is an excellent film and I would highly recommend it so there we go I am now going to get this journal posted and then tonight I am going to have a nice Chicken and Pasta salad for supper and an evening of watching episodes of NCIS from series 10,so until tomorrow I will say adios

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