Wednesday, June 19, 2013

YouTube, A Sideboard, and Sunshine.

Well the Weather forecast and the actual weather here does not seem to match up today. The weather Forecast gives a cloudy humid day where as the actual weather is blue sky and sunshine the temperatures are about the same, so it looks like the Meteorological office has not got it quite right here today.
Five day weather forecast for Portsmouth
Not a cloudy day a very sunny day with blue skies
A Decent nights sleep
Anyway after a very pleasant evening with Gervase and Leanne last Night, I got home about 9.30 and then watched a bit of TV until going to bed at about 10,30 to listen to the local radio quiz show before turning off the radio at about 11.15 and getting off to sleep. It was a decent nights sleep and apart from waking at 3.15 for the bathroom slept through until about 7.30 this morning when I went to make a coffee and took back to bed until 8.30.

at about 8.30 I went and made another coffee and then into the lounge where I send the Morning text to Pauline, She has an early appointment with her doctor today for the follow up to her health check last week, Pauline texts back to say she will phone and let me know how she got on when she is out , so I make myself some Toast and settle down to catch the breakfast News on BBC1. the story that amused me today is the one about the excuses that people come out with as to why they do not have a TV licence.  The best one is the excuse a woman gave and that was she could not go out to the Post office to renew her TV licence as she only had two pairs of Knickers and they were both in the wash.
Classic Excuses "Excellent"
Doing Well Pauline
Anyway enough of that, once I have watched the Breakfast News I go online to check out facebook and my emails and then catch up on a couple of facebook games before pauline phones to say she is on her way home from the doctors, It was a good visit, she has lost a little bit of weight which she is pleased about and also her blood pressure is now back to normal as is her Pulse the only thing that is still high is her cholesterol, this has always been high for years now the good part is that it is lower now than it used to be, but is still high so the doctor wants her to get it down a bit more.

Well I have now got a bit of time now before My Sister arrives, Eileen and Chris are going round to Pauline and Gordon,s with there van to pick up a small sideboard that I am having from Pauline, it is one that she will not be taking with her when they move so it will just be the right size for my flat anyway there is about an hour or so before they will be here so I go round to get my morning paper and some milk and then I have a look to see what there is on Youtube I can watch on the smart TV and I find an old "Billy Fury" Movie called "play it cool" it is a black and white Movie made in 1962. it also has appearances by 'Shane Fenton and the Fentones", "Helen Shapiro",  "Bobby Vee", and "Danny Williams" plus many other comedians of the time, I was 18 years of age when this was released, "Nostalgia with a capital "N"
Play it cool on the smart TV
I would have watched this in 1962 at the Embassy Cinema in West street Fareham, That cinema is no longer there.
The Embassy Cinema Fareham.
Danny Williams "Play it Cool Movie" 1962
That was such a blast from the past anyway at 11.15 I get a text from Pauline to say that the girls and Gordon are on there way round to me so time to get the tea and coffee cups ready so the TV goes off and Gordon, Eileen and Chris Arrive with the Sideboard, Gordon and Chris bring it in and then Gordon has to leave as He and Pauline are off to view a couple of houses and Eileen and Chris stay for a coffee and a chat before they make a move home about 12.30.
Very pleased with the sideboard with draw and cupboard space.
We are good for you
well once Eileen and chris has been I have a little tidy up and put a few things into the cupboards before getting myself a bacon sandwich for lunch, and then I have a nice peppermint tea before going for a cat nap for 30 minutes until 2.00 when I get up and go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and also to prepare the vegetable for tonight,s dinner. once that is done I head back into the lounge to get todays Journal written and also to watch some episodes of "Diagnosis Murder" on the "Alibi TV Channel.
An Excellent program
Ha Ha Here comes Stormy.
Well it has been an excellent day today and now that I have got todays journal finished I will get it posted before settling down to watch some daytime TV. The weather seems to be on the change, it has got very humid and close here today now so I would not be surprised to see a few thunderstorms around the region tonight, hopefully the Isle of Wight and the South Down hills will raise the clouds high enough to miss Portsmouth, anyway until tomorrow I will say Bye bye.

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