Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Sunny day for shopping at Asda.

well Thursday arrives with a very sunny outlook, although the sun is shining and the skies are blue there is still a bit of a chill in the air, anyway I had a decent nights sleep last night although I did find it a bit humid last night but I slept well from about 12.00 until about 7.30 this morning. I was a little late going to bed last night as I stayed up late watching a 2008 remake of the film "Journey to the centre of the earth" starring Brendan Fraser.
Journey to the centre of the earth 2008
Anyway once up I make some breakfast of gluten free Porridge with the obligatory mug of coffee and take it into the lounge where I send the morning text to Pauline and then once I have had breakfast I make sure I have put the recycling out for the fortnightly Collection, before settling down with the laptop to catch up on my emails and facebook.

About 9.30 Pauline phones to say that she is going to take Misty out for her morning walk and that she will be getting a Taxi round to me at 11.00 and then we can go down to Fratton to get the shopping and also I need to have a look in the "Mobility shop" to see what Rollator,s they have in stock and the cost.
Portsmouth Mobility, Fratton Road, Fratton, Portsmouth (Stock Photo)
Well Done Pauline
So anyway I stay on the laptop until about 10.30 when I go and have a shave and then get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives. Once I have got myself ready I take my Prednisolone and then make another coffee and get the bits and pieces sorted and also get the wheelchair ready, It is about a mile to Fratton so like last week I will walk t Fratton road pushing the wheelchair and then Pauline will take over and push me. anyway Pauline arrives about 11.10 and she has brought my clean and ironed shirts with her "Thank you Pauline" and then once I have hung those in the Wardrobe we are off down to Fratton.

Well it is a nice day to walk down to fratton and I am enjoying it but I could not walk as far as I did last week, almost but not quite, this week I made it to Fratton bridge where we sat on the bench for 10 minutes and watched the world go by.
Priory School and Fawcett road from Fratton Bridge

The cycle route over fratton Bridge
Well once we have sat for 10 minutes and Pauline has had her cigarette, I walk a little further up over fratton bridge and then that is about it as far as my leg muscles are concerned and so Pauline pushes me the rest of the way in the wheelchair. we go first of all into the Mobility shop to check out the price and type of rollator,s but I must admit I am not that impressed with the ones they have there and I have seen the same ones cheaper elsewhere so we then make our way back up fratton road to the bridge centre.
Fratton Road opposite the Mobility centre

Fratton Road from the Mobility centre looking south towards the bridge centre.
We go down to the bridge centre and Pauline goes into the Purrfect pets at the entrance to the Bridge centre to get some bits for Misty and Charlie and then she also has a mooch in the Charity shop before we go to the butchers and then for a coffee.

Purrfect Pets Bridge Centre.
Banardo's Charity Shop, Bridge Centre
Butchers Shop, Bridge centre

Cafe and Coffee shop , Bridge Centre.
once we have had our coffee we go into the main asda store and get our shopping and then once we have that we go out to the rear car park area where I phone for a Taxi to take us home.
Rear car park and Taxi pick up Area, Bridge Centre. 
Once home we get the shopping put away and then I make the coffee,s and we have a chat before I phone for a taxi to take Pauline home. Once Pauline has left I have a paste sandwich for lunch with a cup of tea and then at 2.30 I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before getting up and preparing the vegetable for dinner tonight and then in to the lounge with a coffee and get todays journal written.

It is now 5.30 and dinner is on cooking it is Sea Bream tonight with Potato and a cauliflower cheese so I will get this Journal posted and then settle down with the TV and dinner at 6.00 and then a relaxing night before Freaky friday tomorrow, so until then I will say Bye Bye.

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