Friday, June 21, 2013

And Freaky Friday Comes Around.

yes folks not only is today the summer Solstice and the Longest day of the year it is also our favourite "Freaky Friday" when we sample the delights of "Methotrexate"

Whoo Hoo Time for bed
Well it was a very busy day yesterday and after the shopping it was nice to settle down for a rest before my Son Gervase came in to see me on his way home from work, after he had left I had my dinner and then at 8.00 I went next door to my Neighbours Kim and Chris to a gathering they were having with the children who had been over from the Ukraine and the host families who they stayed with for the 4 weeks, and then at 9.00 it was back indoors for a coffee and an early night after a busy but enjoyable day.

Misty,s Morning Walk
Well it was a decent nights sleep last night, listened to the radio for an hour or so and then got off to sleep by about 11.00. slept through until 7.30 when I made a coffee and took back to bed and then just lazed in bed with the radio until 8.30 when I made another coffee and then into the lounge to text Pauline. Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok with them and that she will be taking misty out for her morning walk soon, so hopefully it will stay dry as it looks very gloomy and cloudy outside today, not the weather one would expect for the first day of Summer, but then again this is England.

Well today is the Summer Solstice and the First day of Summer, it is also the longest day of the Year as well. As usual there was a large crowd gathering at Stonehenge in Wiltshire to celebrate the Sunrise at 4.50 am although the cloud was so dense that the sunrise could not be seen. The Police estimate that there was in the region of 21,000 people there including Pagans and Druids along with the spectators

Stonehenge is a Circle of Stones believed to date back 4000 years and used by early britons as a religious site.

The crowds at Stonehenge this Morning for the Summer Solstice
The Photo below is a stock Photo of Stonehenge in its entirety. Stonehenge along with Avebury is a world heritage site and is situated at Amesbury in Wiltshire about 9.5 miles from Salisbury and about 60 miles from Portsmouth.

Ham and Eggs for lunch
Once I had spoken to Pauline I take a walk round to get my morning paper before coming back and settling down with a coffee and Toast and Marmalade for breakfast, and reading the paper. I spend the rest of the morning listening to the radio and playing around on facebook before going for a lie down at about 12.30 for 30 minutes, after that I get up and wash up the breakfast things and at 1.30 I get some 2 slices of ham carved off the bone with a couple of poached eggs for lunch and then I make a cup of tea, take my Methotrexate and settle down to get todays Journal written.

At 2.30 I go and get the washing up done from lunchtime and get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight, it will be a light dinner tonight so I am having a small salmon fillet stuffed with a Mozzarella cheese with a cauliflower and broccoli cheese bake "Tasty" so that will be nice and easy to cook and will only take 20 minutes, so once that is done I decide to carry on and get this journal finished while watching/listening to some old episodes of " Little house on the Prairie"  This was an American TV series 1974 - 1983 starring Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon. there were 203 episodes and 5 specials, It is a series I do enjoy watching although I did not see many episodes when it was first shown on British TV so now I am catching up on them along with my other favourite the Walton,s.
Little house on the prairie, season 2 episode 1
The one I watched today
Happy Birthday Leanne
Well It has certainly been a day of rest for me today, I think walking that mile yesterday really did take it out of me, but it can only get better, anyway it has been an enjoyable day and now the sun has decided to make an appearance at 2.56 pm, so I might take a coffee out into the garden after I have finished this Journal and got it Posted, so That is about it for today except to say 'Happy Birthday" to my lovely daughter in Law Leanne as it is her birthday today so Happy Birthday Leanne and enjoy your afternoon and evening down at Gunwharf tonight.

Gunwharf Quays at Night.
Ok so there we are then folks the end of another day so I will now get this journal posted and then take a coffee out into the garden for an hour to finish the crosswords in the paper in the fresh air before the sun disappears again. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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