Monday, June 24, 2013

its another Dentist Visit Today

Not enough hours in the day
Hello again and here I am on a day of a Painful Back and a Trip to the dentist to look forward to, These days just get Better. As many of you may have noticed there has been days where the Daily Journal has not appeared, the reason for this is that there are so many other things going on at the moment that there are days when I do not have enough time to fit everything in, but the journal will still be appearing on most days.

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch
Well as some of you will have gathered by my facebook page I pulled the muscles in my back yesterday moving my Fridge out from under the kitchen work top, On Hindsight a silly thing to do but to be honest I did it without thinking, I had knocked a pair of kitchen scissors of the top of the fridge and pulled it out to retrieve them all went well until I bent down and twisted myself to reach round and pick them up and that is when the Pain kicked in, so it was a day of rest and Co-Codamol yesterday, although I did manage to go out shopping with my son Gervase in the afternoon once the tablets kicked in.

Well as most of you know by now that with Co-Codamol come Constipation, so at least that was the excuse I needed to treat myself to a Gluten free Chicken Korma Curry for dinner last night, which I really did enjoy so with every dark cloud there is a silver lining, anyhow I got myself to bed early last night and slept right the way through until 7.30 this morning and today the Back is feeling a lot better so hopefully the damage is not to severe, the question is, " Will I Learn to think before I act in future ?" the Answer is "with my track record in life probably not". Now the Question you are all asking is did the Curry help with the constipation well the answer is "NO" so the lactulose will be out on force tonight. LOL.

My Morning Coffee
However as I said earlier I had a really good night and slept all the way through from about 11.00 until 7.30 this morning so a good nights sleep and thank goodness the back is a lot easier this morning still a slight twinge but nowhere near as bad as yesterday, anyway I take a couple of Paracetamol just to be on the safe side as I have a dental appointment this morning at 9.30, so I am out of bed by 8.00 and into the lounge with a coffee and a banana for breakfast, I text pauline and she phones back to sat that her and Gordon will be with me by 9.15 and take me down to the Dentist and then Gordon will drop us off there and come back to start the weekly flat cleaning and then we will get a Taxi back home when we are out of the Dentist.

"Must clean Teeth"
Once I have spoken to Pauline I make another coffee and then check out my emails and facebook before going into the bathroom to get myself washed and shaved and then get dressed ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive, They are here by 9.20 so we are off down to Outram road to the dentist where Gordon drop me and Pauline off and then he goes back to my flat to get the cleaning done while I go into see my Dentist.

The Happy Dentist
I report to the Reception and I do not have to wait long before the dentist,s nurse comes to take me into the treatment room, The dentist checks my mouth to check that all is OK and that no more work needs doing on my teeth and after checking that my Medication has not changed since my last visit he explains that he is going to take the impressions for my upper plate that I need doing and also for a lower plate, this will give me a full set of teeth again, The upper plate will be made and fitted first and then the lower plate, later I have to go back in 3 weeks when the upper plate will be back from the lab so we will then have another fitting then, so once he has taken the impressions I am off back home.

Outram Road Dental Surgery, Portsmouth
A Cat Nap
Once Back home Pauline and I walk round to the Tesco Express to get my morning paper, and then back home where Gordon has just finished the weekly cleaning for me, so I make the coffee,s while Pauline sorts out my Laundry for me, She brought some clean back with her today and is taking another load to do this week so thank you Pauline and Gordon. Once we have had the coffee and a chat ii is 11.00 so Pauline and Gordon are off back home and I make a coffee and settle down to read the paper and then at 12.15 I make myself some Sardine and Tomato Paste Sandwiches for lunch which is very nice and get washed down with a nice cup of tea and then I go for a lie down at 1.15 until 2.00 and have a bit of a cat nap, as I was up early this morning.

Once I am up I go into the kitchen and make a coffee and get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner and then into the lounge to get the journal written. It is now 4.20 and I have got the journal written so I will get it Posted and then I can settle down with the TV for the rest of the day, as tomorrow will be a busy day out shopping down commercial road. This week is also armed forces week with armed forces day on this Saturday the  29th June.  The Local flag raising ceremony took place in Gosport this morning.

Well there we are the end of another day, there are lots of events taking place throughout the week in Portsmouth and Gosport with Armed Forces day taking place on Saturday. I am now going to post todays blog so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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