Saturday, June 8, 2013

A great day out in the Sun

Morning coffee
well when I woke up this morning I did not think today was going to pan out the way it did. I had a decent nights sleep last night and had no prob,s from the Methotrexate so anyway made a coffee at 9.00 to take into the lounge and sent the morning text to Pauline, then took my morning Lansoprazole before getting on to the lap to to check out emails and also facebook.

Getting myself ready
at 10.00 the phone rings and it is Gordon ringing back to say Pauline asked him to phonr me to see if I wanted to go down to Gunwharf today, as Her and Gordon were going down and thought as it was a nice day perhaps I would like to go as well. so Thought that was nice and a good idea as it is a super day out anyway I said that I would get a taxi at 11.00 down to there place in Southsea so that is Ok, anyway it is now 10.15 so I need to get a move on so make some scrambled egg for breakfast, then book a taxi for 11.00 before getting washed, shaved and dressed before the taxi gets here, a bit of a rush but I did it also although it ins not my day for taking the 10 mg of Prednisolone I decide to take 10 mg today as I want to be able to enjoy the day so that is what I did and I am so glad I did as well.

Well the taxi arrives at 11.05 and I am all ready to go. just like Buzz Lightyear "To Southsea and Beyond" anyway the driver gets the wheelchair into the taxi and off we go to Pauline and Gordon,s. Once there Gordon is outside waiting to get the wheelchair and we go indoors to have a coffee and to see Misty while pauline finishes getting ready, and then at about 11.30 we are of down to Gunwharf, I walk pushing  the wheelchair  as far as the Cathedral and Gordon pushes me from there. so here is a Photo Diary of my day out today.
Pauline and Gordon on Southsea Common.
it is very sunny and warm today and this is Southsea common just round the corner from where Pauline and Gordon live.
The Bowling Green
Passing the bowling green on the way to the high street in old portsmouth.
St Thomas church (now Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral)
Portsmouth Cathedral started as a parish church and the original building to the right dates back to 1188
The Dolphin Pub. The oldest pub in Portsmouth
The Dolphin pub dates back to the 17th century and was granted a license  in perpetuity by King Charles the first. it is the oldest Pub in Portsmouth.
arriving at Gunwharf just as the Isle of wight car ferry is leaving from the camber.
Once we get to Gunwharf Pauline goes to get a couple of items from the M&S outlet shop and then I get some Peppermint tea bags from Whitakers the tea and coffee store before going into boots the chemist to get some hair gel for my wayward hair.
Pauline enjoying a Sub at Subway in Gunwharf

So is Gordon and Me. Must do something with the hair.
well once we have had a spot of lunch we decide to go round to the hard and get a bus into Portsmouth city centre so pauline can go to British home stores so first I try the gel on my hair and it does make a difference, I also walk and push the wheelchair round to the hard.
The hair looks better, but I really do need to get a hat as the sun is to hot on my head.
I hate having to wear long sleeves in the sun but my arms do get affected with to much sun as does my Hairless head so I think I really must get myself a hat. anyway we get to the bus station and get on the bus for the short trip to the city centre.

On the bus to the City Centre.
Once at the city centre we have a look around at the stalls and then make our way into the cascades and I have got myself a hat.
The Entrance to the Cascades

In the Cascades with my new hat
Well We go into British Home stores and then Pauline goes into Marks and Spencer to get the items she needs for when she goes into hospital for her thyroid operation,and then we are back outside into the Precinct and then Gordon Pushes me in the wheelchair back to there place where we have a coffee and then I get a Taxi home from There at 4.15.

A very busy and Sunny Precinct in the city centre.
We walk from the precinct down through Guildhall walk and past the Theatre Royal and the white Swan pub.
Guildhall Walk

Theatre Royal

The Theatre royal was founded in 1854 by Henry Rutley. Ken russell filmed his Musical movie "The Boyfriend" starring Twiggy in 1971. The Theatre has a varied History

The White Swan Pub and Theatre Royal
South Street, Southsea
One of the last places we pass on the way back to Pauline,s and Gordon,s is "South Street, A "cul-de-sac" off of Kings road. it is where Me and my late wife Christine were living when we got married in 1977.

Well there we are then folks a short photographic journey of my Saturday, it was an excellent day and it is now 6.20 and time for me to think about getting my dinner so I will get this Journal posted for today , so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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