Sunday, June 2, 2013

The First Sunday in June

A Morning lie in
An the first Sunday in June has turned out to be a very Sunny day and also the temperature is not to bad either, not as warm as yesterday but still warm enough not to wear a jumper or cardigan, anyway not a bad nights sleep last night but did not take any pain killers at bedtime so not as good a night as it has been, but not to bad, anyway stayed in bed until 9.15 this morning before getting up and getting breakfast and texting Pauline.

The Morning Paper
Well today again is one of those days when I seem to be running all behind ( or Hobbling) as the case may be, anyway I had a decent morning, went and got my paper as usual. but found that there was a lot of leg ache again today, again I am not taking Prednisolone today so I am sure that it is the tapering that is giving me the problem with my leg, will have to see how it is tomorrow, when I do take the Prednisolone, anyway I have a phone call from Pauline to say all is Ok with them and also a Phone call from Gervase to say he will be down at 1.30 and we will then go out to get the shopping, I have not got a lot to get today so will be going to Asda at Fratton Today.

At the Checkout
At 12.30 I get myself some chicken soup for lunch and then get a wash and shave and get changed ready for when Gervase arrives. As I said I do not need a lot today so we will go to Asda and then afterwards we will take a drive along the seafront on the way home. Well gervase arrives at 1.30 and off we go to Asda, I decide that as we will not be here long that I would walk around the store pushing the trolley, not one of my best ideas as I do feel in a lot of pain in my right leg so it will be painkillers when I get back home, anyway once we have whet we want we get it paid for and then make our way home along the sea front.
The War Memorial Southsea Sea Front

Along the Sea front by Castle Fields

Southsea Common
Once we are back home we get the shopping put away and then Gervase and I have a chat before he makes his way back home and I go for a lie down for 30 minutes, I am surprised that my legs are no aching as much as I thought they would so perhaps the exercise did them good, Who knows with this stupid disease, anyway Gordon has sent me a couple of Photographs, as he and Pauline were out along the seafront with Misty today.
Canoe Lake, Southsea

Pauline and misty at the entrance to the Rose Garden, Southsea
Well there we are then another day is over, I am now going to relax in front of the tV for the rest of the evening apart from having a nice piece Salmon and a Jacket Potato for dinner tonight about 7.00. At the moment I am watching and relaxing with a very funny movie "Brewsters Millions" a 1985 comedy starring "Richard Pryor".
"Brewsters Millions' 1985
Well to all my Readers I must apologize about the Journals over the last day or so but It has not been the best of times as I am finding the last round of tapering the Prednisolone hard going, but hopefully my body will soon adjust to it and we can get back on track, either that or It will be a case of  increasing the prednisolone back up to its previous level, anyway I am now going to get this posted and sat bye bye until tomorrow.

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