Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Armed Forces Week and a visit to the Vampire.

Good day to you all today, it was a better morning this morning when I woke up after a really good nights sleep, which is just as well really as I have a visit to the eastney health centre today for my Monthly blood tests, at least the resident vampire Debbie is very good. she also weighed me and I am now just under 13 stone so need to lose about a stone as 11 stone 7 pounds would be my ideal weight for my age and height. Still when you think that 2 years ago I had dropped to 8 stone 7 pounds I should not complain.

Well Pauline picked me up from home with the taxi at 10.15 and we went of down to the Eastney Health Centre to give my blood before getting a Taxi back home after and collecting the wheelchair and then we were off down to the city centre to get the shopping done today. The taxi dropped us off by the main post office in slindon street which allowed us easy access to the precinct and our first stop at "Superdrug" where I get my Tenna for men and Pauline gets a couple of items that she needs to take into Hospital on Tuesday when she goes in for her Thyroid Operation.
Superdrug in Arundel Precinct, Portsmouth
once we have got what we want in Superdrug we go to the bank and then get a coffee in the precinct before going into Wilkinsons in the precinct almost opposite Superdrug before going into tesco to get the main shopping, a;though we do not have much to get today. Once we have the shopping we get some Sausage rolls from "Greggs" to take home and then Phone Gordon who comes to collect us down by the Railway station to take us back to my flat.
Greggs Takeaway outside of Tesco in Portsmouth City Centre.
Once we are back home, we get the shopping put away and I make the coffee and we have a sausage roll and a chat for 30 minutes before Pauline and Gordon head off home and I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before starting to get today,s Journal written.

As you would have Gathered from yesterdays Journal this is Armed Forces Week here in the UK, I come from a family who have a long history of service life. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather ( John Michael Smith) was in the Prussian army and came to England to Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth after the Napoleonic wars.
Fort Cumberland Portsmouth

My Great, Great Grandfather Joseph Smith was in the Royal Navy and was lost at sea in 1870
Joseph Smith
My Paternal Grandfather John Michael Smith was in the Royal Navy and served in World war one as Did my Maternal Grandfather Frederick Hubbard
Grandfather Frederick Hubbard

Grandfather John Michael Smith
Also all my Paternal Uncle,s and My aunt Clara served in the royal Navy or Army in world war 2 including my Father.
Grandmother Smith with my Uncles and Aunt including my Dad second from Left at the Back
My Mothers Brother My Uncle Fred (Frederick James Hubbard) served in the Royal Artillery during world war 2 in North Africa and Burma.

Uncle Fred ( Frederick Richard James Hubbard)
and last but not least my Father Albert Joseph Smith RN who also served in the North atlantic and also in the Pacific ocean in World War 2.
My Father Albert Joseph Smith RN.
So This week I along with many other will be supporting all members of our Armed Forces during "Armed Forces Week"
 well it is now time to get todays Journal Posted so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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