Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And Tuesday dawns Bright and Sunny.

And on that note I will say Hello to all you lovely people out there around the globe. here we are at the start of another day and after the last few day,s I must say that I am feeling a whole lot better this morning, My digestive system seems to have settled dow a bit today thank goodness so Today I am going to see if cutting down the amount of coffee I consume will make a difference as I read somewhere that excessive coffee consumption can cause digestive upsets.

Oink, Oink, Oink
so there we are and if I can cut down on my daily coffee consumption, then there is every chance in this world that pigs will be seen flying. anyway as I meant to say at the beginning of todays journal, it is a really lovely morning and I slept pretty well last night, waking once for the bathroom but apart from that slept through from about 11.45 until 8.00 so a good Eight hours sleep so welcome to Tuesday here in Sunny Portsmouth.

On the phone to Pauline
I lay in bed until 8.30 when I got up and made a coffee and took into the lounge where I text Pauline and let her know all is Ok, I then go and make some Gluten Free Porridge for breakfast and have that with a Banana, after I have finished Breakfast Pauline phones to say that her and gordon are out on the common with Misty for her morning walk and that they will be coming round about 11.00 and then we can get a taxi down to the City centre to get the shopping while Gordon does the flat cleaning and then Gordon can come and collect us when we have finished shopping.

Citywide Taxi
well as it is now 9.40 I will go on the laptop and check out my emails and facebook, and then at 10.15 I will go and get a shave and get dressed ready for Pauline and Gordon to arrive. as Pauline said they arrive at about 10.50, I am all ready so after they arrive I phone for a Taxi and then once the taxi arrives we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go down to the city centre. we get the Taxi to drop us off in Paradise Street, at the rear of Boot,s the chemist and our first stop is Spec savers.

Rear of Boots, Paradise Street, Portsmouth
Get Glasses Altered.
Well the taxi drops us off and we make our way over to specsaver,s.  On the way to specsavers I see my Cousin Enid,s daughter "Carol". it is so nice to see her and we have a nice chat in the sun, I last saw her about a year ago at a family get together, so hopefully we will see each other again soon. Now the reason I need specsavers is that I have been having trouble with my glasses, I got new glasses a few weeks ago and they have been rubbing and leaving a red indentation to the bridge of my nose anyway I went in and saw a very nice lady who put on larger pads on the glasses so that it lifts the frame of the bridge of my nose, Job done and it feels so much better so Thank you Specsavers, excellent service with a smile.
Specsavers. Commercial Road Precinct, Portsmouth
well once the glasses are sorted we then make our way to the nationwide building society and then on down the precinct to barclays bank, to get the finances sorted as it is the beginning of the month and that means one thing. "Monthly bills to pay" Oh well broke again.
Barclays Bank Commercial Road Precinct. Portsmouth
once we have been to Barclays, we have a coffee and a burger at the burger van before heading into "Superdrug" to get a few bits and pieces and then we walk up through the precinct to Tesco t get the food shopping. we have not got much to get so it does not take long and then we are back out and I phone Gordon to come and collect us, to take us home, we arrange to meet him by the Portsmouth and Southsea Railway station at the end of the precinct.
Portsmouth and Southsea Railway station from the Precinct
well Gordon picks us up and we head home, once the wheelchair and the shopping is indoors Gordon makes the coffee and I get the shopping put away and then we have the coffees out in the back garden I have a "Apple Danish Pastry that Pauline got for me from Greggs while she and gordon have a sausage roll and a doughnut each, after that Gordon and Pauline head home while I have a lie down until 3.15 and then I go into the lounge with a coffee and get todays Journal started.
A Greggs apple danish Yum Yum
Well it is now 5.00 so I am now going to get todays journal posted so until tomorrow I will say Adios and I have been a good boy today and have only had 4 coffee,s all day so far.

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