Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A dreary day in Portsmouth town

And the blinking rain is tumbling down:

Who Stole Summer
What is going on with our summer weather,  I have been listening to the local radio today and they have been talking about the Summer of 1976 and the temperatures of 36 C/ 89.6 F and today we are looking at 15 C/ 59 F. no wonder I have had to put the central heating on today, you would not think it was almost the middle of June.

So what will today bring me I wonder, at least I have not go to go out for anything today, which is a good job really as I was down with Gervase and Leanne last night.
Gervase and Leanne,s cat "George" keeping me company on the sofa
Then once I got back home I got down to watching a program on the TV about the motorcycle based emergency services which was an interesting program but it did not finish until midnight so had a lie in this morning after a good nights sleep.
Once I was up I spoke to Pauline on the phone and her and Gordon will come round later on to see me for 5 minutes to witness Pauline,s signature on the legal forms for her flat sale, once I have spoken to Pauline I get some Gluten Free Cornflakes with some raisins for breakfast and then settle down to sort through some old Photographs.

Pauline Phones about 10.15 to say they will be round at about 10.30 so That is ok so I make sure I have the coffee ready for when they arrive, so we have a coffee and a chat and then her and Gordon are on there way back home, it was nice to see them and they also brought Misty with them as well so that was good fun making a fuss of Misty.
This is Misty
Anyway Pauline and Gordon kindly brought the daily paper round for me, so once they have made there way back home I settle down to read the paper and get one of the crosswords done before going for a lie down at 12.30 for 30 minutes and then I get up and get some lunch ready. I am feeling peckish now so I have some grilled bacon and Scrambled egg for lunch with some Gluten free bread and butter and I really enjoyed that but must make sure I have a light evening meal.
Yummy a tasty Lunch today
well I enjoyed my lunch today, it is a good job we do not go out shopping on a Wednesday as the weather is deteriorating as the day progresses it is very dark in the lounge and I think it is time to put the lights on and it is only 2.15.

A very Dull day today, and very dark in the lounge at 2.15.
So that is about as exciting as it gets today apart from the fact that as a lot of you know and appreciate that with Myositis comes reduced mobility and fatigue, so Gordon comes in every week on a Monday or Tuesday to spend 2 hours cleaning the flat for me, and it appears from some of the comments that he is getting quite a fan club, so I have decided that within the next couple week,s Gordon will be starring in a cartoon strip of his very own, more details to follow:

Stop Press
Coming soon
Cleaner Gordon is getting his own cartoon strip
So that is about it really for today, a nice day of rest and relaxation, and it looks like an early journal today, I have sorted out some more family history photo,s today so here are a couple that I thought I would share with You.

My Family History Photo,s (3)

VE Day Western Road Fareham 8th May 1945
Grandmother and Grandfather Hubbard Back row
Right hand side 

VE Day Western Road Fareham 8th May 1945
I am the little one in the highchair with mum
centre Picture I was 18 months of age
Well so there we are then I will get this Journal posted and then go to get a couple of Gluten Free Custard Cream Biscuits with a cup of tea and then settle down with Facebook and the TV so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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