Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gas leaks, Rest and History

A Happy Gas Engineer.
And here we are on another Wednesday. well yesterday evening was different, I was out the front chatting to a neighbour and she said that she could smell gas, I had thought I had smelt gas the other day but thought it was just my imagination, anyway I phoned the British gas emergency number and a Gas engineer arrived within 30 minutes and he said that yes he could also smell gas, anyway to cut a long story short it was traced to a gas back boiler Flue in the flat above mine.  Apparently what had happened was the occupants had knocked and broken the on/of switch on the gas appliance and it was in the on position and gas was escaping out through the flue, apparently it was an old appliance and did not have a safety cut of to it, needless to say it was rendered obsolete by the gas fitter so all is well.

anyway because of that I did not have dinner until late so missed out going down to see Gervase and Leanne yesterday evening, but spoke to them on the phone so will see them later in the week.

Had a good nights sleep last night and slept right through from about 11.30 until 7.45 this morning so pleased about that, anyway once I was awake I made a coffee and took back to be to listen to the radio until 8.45 when I made a nice peppermint tea and went into the lounge to text Pauline and also to get some porridge for breakfast. Once I had sent Pauline the text and had breakfast I settle down to check out emails and facebook on the laptop before pauline phones to say that all is ok with them.

well once I have spoken to Pauline I get myself sorted and dressed and then go round to the tesco express to get my morning paper before going back home to get the washing up done and to sort out the refuse ready for when the bin men come to collect it tomorrow, I then settle down to watch a movie on TV before Getting myself a sandwich for lunch at 12.45 and a nice cup of coffee. after that I go for a lie down until 1.30 when I get up and get  some research done into the Royal Garrison Church in Portsmouth, Formally known as the Domus Dei "Gods House". I have downloaded a book called "The story of the Domus Dei of Portsmouth" This is a history of the Royal Garrison Church written in 1873 by Archdeacon H.P.Wright Chaplain to the Forces.

The Domus Dei was built about 1214 and has a long and chequered history first as a resting place for Pilgrims, a hospital and poor house and then a church for the garrisons of Portsmouth. It was added to and altered over the centuries and it was damaged i World war 2 by German Bombs. The roof has never been replaced. it is a very historic part of Portsmouth situated in Governor,s Green there are over 300 memorials  on the walls, windows and grounds of the Domus Dei now known as the "Royal Garrison Church" and it is a listed Ancient Monument
The Domus Dei in the reign of Henry VIII
The Domus Dei in the reign of Charles II
The Domus Dei 1730
Plan of the Garrison Chapel 1794

Royal Garrison Church 1846

Original Garrison Church

Garrison Church Parade c1900.

The Royal Garrison Church 2011/2012
The Royal Garrison Church

The Royal Garrison Church

The Royal Garrison Church
So there we have a little bit of History to bore you all with, A very interesting book of the early history of the Domus Dei, well it is now 4.35 so time to get this journal posted and then a nice relaxing evening preparing for the shopping trip to Morrisons tomorrow so untill then I will say Bye Bye.

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