Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What super weather on this Wednesday

 and again the morning dawns bright and Sunny, a few problems from the cheeseburger and Apple danish yesterday, but I knew that would happen but should all settle down by dinner time tonight . Had a decent nights sleep last night and slept from 11.30 through to about 6.30 this morning and as usual woke once during that time to go to the bathroom

anyway once I am awake I make a coffee and then lie in bed listening to the radio until getting up and making my way into the lounge at 8.45 to send the morning text to pauline and then get myself some toast for breakfast.
Its Time for breakfast
As I am having breakfast Pauline phones to say that Gordon is out on the common with Misty, on her Morning walk and that he would be coming round about 11.15 to take me down to the Eastney Health Centre for my Podiatry appointment, after I have spoken to Pauline I get a wash and shave and then settle down with the laptop to check out the emails and facebook and to play a couple of facebook games while I wait for Gordon, as it is gordon arrives at 10.30 so we have a coffee and a chat before setting off at 11.15 to my Podiatry appointment which goes Ok and I will see them again in about 6 weeks time, I have to phone the podiatry department after the 19th June to make my next appointment so I now have happy feet.

After we are out from the Podiatrist, we decide that as it is a nice day we will go for a coffee down at the "Tenth Hole Tea Rooms" on Southsea sea front by the putting green we get there and it is really busy as it is 12.00 and it is lunch time, anyway we find a table outside and enjoy a nice coffee and Gordon also has a sandwich.
The Tenth Hole Tea Rooms, Southsea
 once we have finished our coffee we head back home and Gordon gives me a haircut before heading back home to Pauline, it is now 1.30 so It is time for a lie down and a cat nap for an hour. at 2.10 I get up and go into the kitchen to get the vegetable prepared ready for dinner tonight before going into the lounge to get todays Journal written.

Preparing the potato and Cauliflower for tonight,s dinner.
An evening in the Recliner
well I has been a good day today a few issues with the digestive system but I expected that after yesterday but all seems to be settling down now, and now that the Journal has been written , it is time to get it posted and then get settled down in the recliner to watch the Tv for the rest of the evening and to enjoy dinner at 6.30

well that is the end of a very good Wednesday and tomorrow it will be shopping down Morrisons with Pauline so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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