Monday, June 3, 2013

Not such a good day today:

I think it was to much indulging in different foods over the weekend, should really Know by now that I need to stay to a diet that I know suits my digestive system, but do I "NOPE" I do not so today is a day of sitting around watching movies on TV, Taking Gaviscon and feeling sorry for myself so all together now Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. anyway apart from that it is a lovely Sunny day here in southsea so Welcome to Monday.

not the best of days
Well an indifferent night last night, I did not sleep to badly but had a few digestive problems as I think I ate to much cake yesterday, It was some Gluten free Date and walnut cake, but I think it was the trouble digesting the walnuts that was the problem, also spent to much time walking around Asda as well, still not to worry it will settle down later today "I Hope" I also had a chicken and Pasta salad on Saturday evening and I don,t think that helped either, especially the sweetcorn, still thats another story, so today is going to be a day of rest. at least today is Prednisolone day and also Folic acid day.

well once I am out of bed at 8.45 I send a text to Pauline and then get some Gluten free Porridge for Breakfast, I have that and a coffee and then settle down with the laptop to check out the emails and facebook. Pauline phones to say that it is a nice warm sunny day today and she is about to take misty out on the common, Gordon phoned last night to say he will leave the Monday flat cleaning until tuesday this week as he wants to get his brakes replaced on the car today, Pauline said he got the parts this morning early and is now working on the car.

Well once I have chatted with Pauline and checked out facebook I get my shoes on and take a walk round to the Newsagents to get my daily paper before going back home and settling down to read the paper and get the crossword done. I then check my mobile phone messages as Pauline sent me a couple of Photo,s that she took when she and gordon were out yesterday so here is one of Gordon yesterday with Misty.
Gordon and Misty
Also Pauline sent a photo of Me and Misty when they brought Misty round to my flat to see me a couple of weeks ago.
Me and Misty in the flat
well the day is going along ok so far so that is good, an uncomfortable tummy and an aching right leg but apart from that I am as fit as a fiddle ( in need of restoration) anyway I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before getting some tinned tuna and crispbread for lunch while watching a very good Movie " The Ballad of Lucy Whipple" this is a 2001 Made for TV Movie starring "Glenn Close" , "Jena Malone", "Bruce McGill" and "Meatloaf" It is a very good film and I enjoyed it very much.
"The ballad of Lucy whipple 2001 TV Movie"
Michael Hordern
well once that has finished I go and make a chocolate "Complan Drink" and then settle down to watch the next Movie that is on This is the 1982 Made for TV adaptation of Walter Scott,s "Ivanhoe" starring "James Mason" and one of my Favourite actors the late "Michael Hordern" It is a very enjoyable film but I have to pause it half way through to go and get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner back to the boring Fish with Cauliflower cheese and Potato, at least it is good for my digestive system after the weekend.

"Ivanhoe 1982 TV Film"
well the time is now 4.05 and the film Ivanhoe ends in 20 minutes and then it will be time to go and make a coffee before Pointless starts on BBC 1 at 5.15 and when that ends at 6.00 it will be time to go and get dinner cooked ready for 6.45, after that it will be an evening with the soaps and facebook games. so the tummy is settling down now thank goodness so I will get this journal finished and posted and then say tatty bye until tomorrow and a busy day shopping down the city centre with Pauline.

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