Sunday, June 30, 2013

The last day of June. And the Sun is Shining.

Well here we are on Sunday the 30th June, the last day of the month and I woke this morning at 5.30 to a really sunny day, It was a good nights sleep last night so went and made a coffee and took back to bed and just lazed in bed with the window open, listening to the radio until 9.30 when I decided that I had better get up. So I hope you all........
Watching the Politic shows
on TV
Once out of bed I made a coffee and then into the lounge where I text Pauline and then settle down to the normal regime of checking facebook and emails, before Pauline phones to say that all is Ok with them and that they will be leaving Weymouth, to head back home this afternoon so will text me when they get near to Portsmouth.

Once I have spoken to Pauline I get some Gluten free porridge for breakfast and then settle down to watch the politic shows on the TV, as I always do on a Sunday morning so I can keep up to date with the mess our incompetent government is making.

Getting Ready for when Gervase
arrives at 1.00 pm

About 12.00 Gervase phones to say that He will be round at about 1.00 and we can go shopping up at sainsburys at Farlington and then afterwards we can take a drive along the sea front, so that will be OK so I watch a bit more TV and then at 12.30 I go and get myself sorted and ready for when Gervase arrives. the Roads will be a but congested today as there are Armed Forces Day events taking place in the Royal Naval Dockyard

Armed Forces day at the Historic Dockyard
True to his word Gervase arrives at 1.05. I am all ready so off we go up to Sainsburys at Farlington to get the shopping, I walk around the store pushing the trolley and we both get what we need and then we get it paid for and then out to the car park where Gervase loads it in to the car and then we are off for a drive home along the seafront as you can see by the photograph,s below.

Gervase loading the shopping into the car
Sainsburys car park
In the car park looking North to Portsdown Hill
In the Car towards the Seafront at Milton
Traffic is starting to get congested at Milton Park
The quiet area of the Seafront at Eastney
The colourful beach huts at Eastney
The Seafront heading towards South Parade Pier.
The Flower beds in Bloom near to South Parade pier
The pyramid Centre on the Seafront
The Trees in full leaf near to Castle Fields
Southsea Castle
The Esplanade near to Clarence pier
Heavy Traffic along the seafront and the skyline of old Portsmouth
Clarence Pier at the end of the Seafront drive
Soccer on the common by the University students.
so there we have the photographic record of our drive along the seafront from Eastney to Clarence Pier a distance of 2.8 Miles. Once we reach clarence pier we then head back home. once indoors I make a coffee and we have a chat before Gervase sets of back home to Leanne at about 3.40.I also have a text from Pauline at 3.30 to say they are just coming into portsmouth and will speak later.

Daily Journal
Once Gervase has gone I make another coffee and get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner before settling down to get todays Journal written. It is now 5.45 so I am going to get this posted and then out into the back garden for 30 minutes in the evening sunshine with a coffee and to read the daily paper before getting dinner at 6.30 so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye.

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