Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Saturday of Historic Research

Crimean war medal
Yes Folks today is a day that I am going to be spending researching the old "Haslar Royal Naval Hospital" at Gosport. Why you may ask, well the reason is the weather outside is really crap today, and Haslar Hospital played a big part in the lives of my and my extended family,s "Family History" through the ages from the crimean war up through world war 1 and world war 2.

Anyway more of that later, after a nice dinner last night and taking my Methotrexate I got to bed about 10.30, listened to the Local radio Solent quiz show "The Bag" and then turned of the radio at about 11.15 to get off to sleep.It was a decent nights sleep woke once at about 3.45 for the bathroom and then slept through until about 6.45,  made a coffee and lazed in bed dozing with the radio until I got up to go out into the kitchen to make another coffee and take into the lounge.

The coffee making area in my Kitchen
Todays Breakfast
Once I was in the lounge I text pauline to let her know that all is Ok and then take my Morning "Lansoprazole" before going out to get some breakfast. I am having a bowl of Gluten free "chocolate stars" today with a sprinkling of raisins and apricots so that should be tasty, while I am getting that Pauline phones to say that all is Ok with them and that she is getting ready to take "Misty" out for her morning walk, it is a very blustery day here on the south coast today with heavy gust of wind coming in off the solent.

Once I have finished talking to Pauline I have my breakfast and then I go online to check out emails and facebook until 10.30 when I get ready and take a walk round to the local tesco express to get the morning paper, Pauline was not joking when she said it was very Windy this morning, Pauline get,s the wind stronger where she lives as her and gordon are a lot closer to the common than I am, and Gervase is even nearer. anyway I make it to get my paper and back home without being blown over, there are some very dark clouds around this morning but also blue sky and sunshine, but not a day to be out in.

dark clouds and blue sky with strong winds today
Once I am back home I settle down to read the paper and do the crossword. I check to see what is on the Tv and on the "More 4" channel there is a "Time Team" Program called "Nelsons Hospital" it is all about the old Royal Naval Hospital at Haslar in Gosport so I definitely need to watch that as it has a big influence in my Family History.
Tony Robinson presents a Time team Special "Nelsons Hospital"
well that was a very interesting hour and as many of our Royal naval ancestors spent time at "Haslar Royal Naval Hospital" it has spurred me into doing some Genealogical research into it myself this afternoon so I am going to get some scrambled egg and bacon for lunch and then spend some time this afternoon researching mine and my extended family,s ancestors at Haslar ??.

At 1.30 I decided to have some lunch before starting my Family History research on Haslar, so I get myself some bacon and scrambled egg for lunch and I really did enjoy it, I also have got into the habit of having a cup of peppermint tea after I have eaten as I find this helps with my digestion as well.
Scrambled egg and Bacon for lunch today, very tasty
 Well after lunch I start with the family research regarding Haslar Royal Naval Hospital, also I have digital copy,s of the Navy and Army illustrated and in the issue dated Friday February the 19th 1897 is a 7 page article on Haslar Hospital.
Navy and Army Illustrated 1897
Anyway I spend a couple of hours on the research and there is so much to do that I will continue with it this evening, during this time Chris my next door neighbour invited me in for coffee and to meet some very special people which I will tell you about tomorrow but for today I will post some Photographs from the Navy and Army illustrated of Haslar and also a couple of my research corner. There were several of our ancestors and extended family that were at Haslar at some time spanning a period from the Crimean war up to and including World War 1.
My Lounge and my research Corner with Desk.
some of my research resources
Photos of Haslar from The Army and Navy News 1897
Haslar Hospital
Haslar Nursing Matrons
Collingwood Ward Haslar Hospital
Main Entrance to Haslar Hospital 1897
well there we are then folks that is how my day went today, a very enjoyable but quiet day anyway I enjoyed the time round at next door and when I have the photographs I will 
tell you all about it. However it is now 4.20 so I will get todays journal posted and until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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